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Just when you thought a little summer mini dress couldn’t do anymore, Victoria Beckham stepped out in an Oscar de la Renta number, looking so amazing she just breathed new life into the trend this summer in a heartbeat.  Victoria is known for her confident simplicity and artful use of colour and making herself stand out. 

Summer time is the season to inject a little new life into your summer wardrobe.  High streets across the world are full of panicked looking ladies distractedly fingering maxi dresses.   A lot can go wrong with summer dressing, we know – shorts that are too short, dresses that sag in the front, etc.

Below are some summer essentials that a girl should have.

Summer Makeup – The absolute best liquid eyeliner around for summer is waterproof, and when you do wash it off, it doesn’t get in your eyes and sting. 

Accessories – This will complete every scene girl outfit.  Lots of cute colourful bracelets, cute barrettes and bows, colourful hairbands, studded belts, cute charm necklaces and of course never forget your huge sunglasses!

The denim shirt is your friend this summer.  It is the perfect foil to printed trousers and skirts, it will keep you warm on cooler nights without needing a coat and, thanks to the return of double denim, and you can also wear it half tucked into your ripped jeans.

Some block heeled sandals in brown or white will work with pretty much anything this summer. For posher events, just switch up to a higher, thinner heel for added impact.

A good quality vest is essential for getting that sports luxe, 90s, look that is huge this summer.  Pair it with your culottes, ripped jeans, or your statement skirt for a comfy, yet stylish outfit.

Everyone needs a good playsuit in their wardrobe for summer and pair with flip flops. 

•If you get sweat stains on your tops, wash in cold water but don’t run them through the dryer or else the stains will set.  Instead, hang them up to air-dry.

•Drink a lot of water so you stay hydrated.

•Wash your face every night.  All the sweat and make-up needs to be removed from your pores to avoid acne.

•Plaid shorts in summer are perfect for a scene look too.

•Don’t go outside in the sun without sunscreen and shades.  Stock up on aloe Vera, too, in case you get sunburn.

•Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sunglasses. Coloured shades are big this summer.  The perfect finishing touch to your summer wardrobe.

•Drink lots of water at least 8 glasses a day, to help your skin look healthy and glowing, thus you do not need as much make-up.

•Darker clothes absorb more heat than lighter coloured clothes.   The sun bounces off lighter clothes, so if you want less trouble with heat, try lighter and brighter clothing.  Wearing looser clothes may also help.

•If you sweat a lot, go for tank tops and try to avoid white, grey, and light colours if you are wearing a t-shirt. If you DO wear a t-shirt or something that shows sweat stains, layer a lightweight plaid top over it so that they don’t show.

•Shoes – Flats are going to be your best friend this summer. If you wear flip-flops make sure they are in bright colours.  They look great with denim shorts. Most sandals aren’t very scene, except strappy or studded ones, but maybe you could start a new trend.  

This Spring/summer promises to be the most sexy, bold and jewel encrusted season. Expect plenty of sheer and dazzling prints, so go on ahead and enjoy this summer time. 

Until next week.   Stay Fabulous. You can contact Lucretia at

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