Teachers and parents need to work together

By Staff Writer

Namibian Teachers Association representative Toini Nauyoma has called on teachers and parents to work together in assisting learners if the plan to improve grades for mathematics, science and English subjects at grade 10 is to bear fruits.

“As a teacher and also a parent I believe that that there is a wrong perception towards these three subjects from learners and this needs to be dealt with from an early age. We need to encourage learners to speak English in school and more often we also need to work with student representative bodies to improve these grades,” she said.

Nauyoma, a veteran educationist and also principal of Kapombo Primary school in the Ohangwena region, believes there are no short cuts to improving pass rates in mathematics science and English subjects pass rates in school.

“As a teacher I believe we are doing enough to contribute our part to the improvement of English, Mathematics and Science subjects in schools but the challenge is that this is an issue that needs all the players to do their part. We also need parents to come to the party and encourage pupils to work hard on these subjects. The major challenge we face though is the unavailability of resources including books especially in marginalised areas where children do not have everything needed to drive their education,” she said.

Nauyoma also added that there is need for emphasis to be put in practise. “The issue is that we do not necessarily need to just focus on the pupils being good in writing a language alone but we alone need to encourage these pupils to also improve their spoken language. We need to have a tendency of speaking English more often than not. There is a weakness when the children improve their written English but they do not speak it properly so ideally we need to come up with solutions that catch these kids at a tender age. It becomes very difficult to change their mind-set when they reach a certain level but if the trick is introduced at a younger age the results are most likely to be better.”

May 2017
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