Is Zodwa Wabantu overrated?

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka

HARARE – South Africa’s Zodwa Wabantu has broken social media for her fancy footwork and revealing outfits which leave little to the imagination.

The diva, who is also popular for flaunting her ‘thunder thighs’ and walking “pantyless” has become the BIG deal not only on social media but also as a party freak.

However, debate doing the rounds is whether or not Zodwa is overrated?

Her moves are whack and any ordinary housewife would take her to task.

For some, Zodwa is just an attention seeker who has however, redefined how people view entertainment.

While her body language is impressive her dance moves are a bit overrated.

The few videos that have gone viral on social media have turned Zodwa into overnight sensation.

In fact, much of it borders on drunken stupor as she loves her bottle, which she firmly holds while getting down on the dance floor.

If it is about her looks, Zodwa is again like the girl next door, simple but oozes confidence.

For some reason no one will notice her unless she strips down.

Since she appeared at the recently held Durban July clad in thigh high slit black dress and of course without her pants, Zodwa managed to capture the imagination of an entire region.

Zodwa is scheduled to visit Bulawayo (July 29) where she would be a celebrity visitor at Club Connect.

Clubgoers have been asking whether there was more to it than just a woman who has a penchant for indecent exposure.

Club Connect spokesperson, Zandile Moyo, said admirers would be given a chance to mix and mingle with Zodwa during what she described as ‘epic night’.

Moyo confirmed that Zodwa was indeed the most wanted socialite of the moment.

“Wherever she goes she is the life of the party and when she comes to Club Connect it will be no different.

“This is one rare opportunity for followers who have admired her from videos on social media to come and see her in flesh,” Moyo said.

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