Rispel next theatre project to tackle passion killing

By Anastasia Paulus

WINDHOEK – The National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) on Saturday conducted an open audition for an upcoming premier production of an Afrikaans play ‘Deur die tralies van die hok’ written and directed by theatre veteran, Kubbe Rispel.    

The play meaning “Through the bars of a cage” brings out to the stage the problem of revenge killings, or passion killing as known in Namibia.

“This is the tragic contemporary inspired story of what happens when a girlfriend, wife or fiancé becomes a possession of her boyfriend and victim of jealousy, which ends in the tragic death of the girl. For the bystander it is unnecessary, but is there any justification for passion killing?,” Desire Mentor, the NTN’s public relations officer said about the upcoming play and passion killing.

Prospective actors and actresses auditioned for different characters in the play.

In the play, there is Ben – a wealthy, sophisticated, and highly motivated entrepreneur. Ben’s fiancé, Mandy is a soft spoken, and beautiful caring teacher, who is involved with the social upliftment of society and deeply cares for the marginalized people in society.

Two other characters are Kapie and Ou Toppie (old man) who does menial labour around the neighbourhood but who are keen observers whose comments on the behaviour and mannerisms of the rich people are sometimes the only truth spoken in these close societies.

Jack and Joy – Mandy’s bohemian, hippy-like friends whose obvious dislike of Ben increase the friction and conflict already existing and leading to the ultimate act of passion killing.

Rispel is one of the well-known Namibian playwrights and directors. His passion for acting, especially protest drama during his studies at University of Western Cape landed him and his friends in prison in 1970.

He has knack for nurturing talents through his plays, including the The Power of Penis, The Case of Henry X, The Child, and The Cult. The Child won him the Golden Pen Award for Playwrights in 2001.

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