Candidates promise economic revival — Liberia

MONROVIA. — Presidential candidates for the October 10 Liberia elections have promised to revive the economy and provide jobs — subjects that topped the second debate on Monday. A fall in the prices of iron ore, one of the country’s biggest exports has pushed the economy to a crisis. The only female contender in the race, MacDella Cooper, wants to tap into other lucrative sectors.“I want to focus on the agriculture industry, the eco-tourism and also the fishery industry. As you very well know, Liberia has one of the most flora swell across West Africa but we haven’t done much about the agriculture industry.” Cooper is standing on the Liberia Restoration Party ticket. Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress has promised to create jobs and expand the economy.

“We need to grow and expand the economy. And through that growth, we will create jobs for all Liberians but particular for young Liberians – the young people because they represent the bulk of our population. But the basics for supporting and helping our young people is giving them skills and trainings and providing jobs for them.” Movement for Economic Empowerment’s J. Mills Jones wants the private sector to flourish. Governments do not create jobs. Government creates the opportunity for the private sector to flourish and to create jobs.” — Africa News.

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