Zim-China infrastructural development projects to kick off soon

Jan 11, 2018


Charity Ruzvidzo

The upgrading and refurbishment of the Robert Mugabe International Airport and the construction of a new parliament building is set to commence soon as the tendering process is already underway, a Chinese top diplomat has said.

Speaking after paying a courtesy call on Vice President General Constantino Chiwenga (Rtrd) on Thursday at his Munhumutapa Offices in Harare, Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe Huang Ping said he was happy with preliminary developments regarding the two projects.

He said he had paid a courtesy call on Vice President Chiwenga to congratulate him on his appointment as the second-in-command at both party and government levels.

“At Kariba, one generator is now working and it is providing 150MW to the national grid. Another generator is going to be put up before April. We are now working on how to get a quick way to start the construction of the Harare International Airport and the Hwange Project. For the parliament we are now doing the tendering. I think we will soon be able to select a company to do the construction,” he said.

“I came to congratulate the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe Constantino Chiwenga for his appointment. We also shared ideas on the good relationships which dates back to before the liberation struggle. We shared again ideas on how Zimbabwe can continue to work to ensure this friendship grows in this new era.

“As you know China also entered a new era after its (China Communist Party) congress so we need to work together to bring theses good relations into the new era. We want to expand our cooperation to all the sectors to bring more tangible fruits to benefit people from our two countries,” he said.

The Ambassador said they were preparing for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s visit to China on a date yet to be confirmed.

4 Responses

  1. Wrong move Chinese loot they don’t bring any development in the country how many times they say those words since mugabage was there and now they are reapting same thing again cry my beloved country!!!

  2. Omg how the hell are we falling into the same pit. Look in Kenya they had the same deal they build structures that are not strong at all.they build bridges and highways that hardly survive up to five years. And some of them collapse and claim lives of innocent people. Wrong move

  3. They have sold the country to these buggers in the name of we don’t want imperialism now we have a century of them and crapy deals

  4. Ask the people of Namibian…yhe economy of Namibia is diwn the drain.. Junk status… reason being the Chinese get all the big building/road buolding contracts and all the profits gets smuggled out of Namibia to China… China is the new colonial power in Africa…our leaders are selling our countries out!!! Wake up people, wake up!!!


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