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5 things you should know about New York’s attempt to legalize online gambling

Online gambling has been taking the gaming world by storm, as of late. In this article, you will know about 5 things you should know about New York’s attempt to legalize online gambling.

Nowadays, there are more ways to game online than ever before, and the rate of development doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Whether you’re a football fan, a League of Legends lover or a soccer stan, there’ll be the perfect online game for you to enjoy.

Some states in America have made waves with their forward-thinking attitudes to gambling.

States like New Jersey and Nevada have made a name for being gambling hubs, and states like California are moving steadily along to meet the demand for legal online gambling too. It’s exciting to see such progression in the modern-day and age.

However, not every state has made the leap to legal online gambling yet.

One state that particularly stands out with regards to this subject is New York. Gamblers from New York make the trek to New Jersey to enjoy their gambling and gaming, yet cannot currently take part in their favorite games while at home.

There has been a movement to legalize online gambling in the state, but a conclusion has not yet been reached. There are passionate debates on either side, with some people dead set against the movement and others fervently lobbying for it to come through. It’s been a fascinating movement to observe, with plenty of passionate debate taking place online and in the media.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the 5 key things to know about New York’s movement to legalize online gambling in more depth, covering both the positives and negatives.

The success of other states is pushing opposers to rethink

To start off on a positive note, the success of states like New Jersey has begun to push the movement in New York in the other direction. Those who have been denying the introduction of online gambling in New York are starting to find it harder and harder to argue against this particular movement.

One of the main successes in the introduction of online gambling is that it’s helping to provide more employment opportunities. The creation of new companies offers up many new roles, both in the offline and online categories. This is one of the most major reasons why states like New York are more likely to reconsider.

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Another success that states like Pennsylvania and Nevada are finding is that the online gambling scene is helping to boost tax revenue, and thus is incredibly beneficial. New York recently faced a $6 billion budget gap, as this article notes, so this is certainly something that the state must be considering.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo still appears to be fiercely opposed to the legalization

On the flip side, it appears that Governor Andrew Cuomo is still opposed to legalizing online betting. In order for this movement to go through, there will need to be a huge effort from the opposition to help the naysayers see the positive aspects of legalizing online gambling- both for the locals and for the state.

It’s likely that another attempt to legalize mobile betting will happen this year

With the combined efforts of New York supporters of online gambling legalization and the obvious successes of other states, it’s likely that another movement to legalize mobile gaming and online betting will be taking place this year.

Fortunately, it appears that other states are making the move to legalize online betting as well- for example, California is very promising for this as noted by Fox Business. It is sure to be an intriguing year for the world of gambling, gaming and technology too.

This movement has already been well documented, so we’re bound to see plenty of interesting news coverage about it online. Social media is a pretty good place to keep yourself up to date with the latest happenings in the gaming world.

The competition with New Jersey is still strong

Something that will drive New York officials to consider the legalization is the competition with New Jersey. As we’ve noted, New Jersey is immensely popular with gamblers- in fact, the state took $4.5 billion in sports betting revenue last year.

Some of this money will have come from the New York gamblers who venture to New Jersey for their gaming, which will be a point that definitely weighs the debate in legalizations favor.

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There are some who are concerned that legalization will be a negative thing

A final note to consider about this movement is that there are plenty of people who believe that legalization will be a negative thing. This is twofold, and one of the main groups of people who will be pushing this are the people who are opposed to gambling as a whole.

Additionally, there are compulsive gamblers and ex-gamblers – such as the gentleman in this article – who believe that the introduction of online gambling will be a negative thing. This is a fair point, and brings up the need for adequate support systems.

To sum up

As you can see, there has been progress in the movement to bring online gambling to New Yorkers- yet there has not been a full conclusion yet. There are plenty of naysayers against the notion, yet there are plenty of reasons for legalizing it too.

It will certainly be interesting to track this debate as we move into the year of 2020.

The most important thing to put into place to ease people’s worries against the legalization of online gambling is strong support systems for compulsive gamblers.

One of the main arguments against legal online gambling is that it will be a negative thing for those with gambling addictions or those with the predisposition to addiction, so it is up to the gambling companies to care for their customers who may be considered to be more vulnerable.

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