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All you Need to Know About American Eagle Credit Card!

Introduction for American Eagle Credit Card

The American Eagle Credit Card from American Eagle Outfitters offers a helpful method to finance purchases at the garments retailer and appreciate uncommon advantages accessible just to cardholders. To begin with, applying for and utilizing the American Eagle Credit Card brings about limits, rewards focus and access to exceptional cardholder savings occasions. Similarly as with any credit card, in any case, perusing the fine print is indispensable, as the terms and conditions list a few stipulations with which cardholders ought to be well-known.

How the Card Works?

To begin with, The American Eagle Credit Card offers a spinning credit extension, much the same as a conventional Visa or MasterCard, however it is just accepted at American Eagle, Aerie retail stores and the organization’s site. Therefore, cardholders cannot use the card to make purchases at different retailers or withdraw money from ATMs.

Hence, applying for the card just takes a couple of moments. Not only this but intrigued clients can finish the application on the American Eagle site or at any of the store’s physical areas. The credit choice is practically quick. Therefore, for credit card candidates, the higher their credit rating, the higher their credit limit upon endorsement. When the card is actuated, it tends to be utilized immediately.

The card conveys a variable yearly rate (APR) in view of the prime rate. As of August 2016, the card’s APR is 25.24%.

For the most part, clients likewise have the choice of applying for an American Eagle Visa card. The card offers indistinguishable advantages and advantages from the American Eagle Credit Card yet can be utilized anyplace Visa is accepted. Thus, Credit endorsement for the Visa card is somewhat progressively specific, and the card’s APR is marginally lower at 24.24% as of August 2016.

Rewards and Benefits

American Eagle Credit Card clients appreciate unique advantages truly as soon as they utilize the card. The store offers a 15% markdown for the principal purchase made on another card. Hence, for each $25 spent on the card at American Eagle or Aerie, the cardholder gets one Extra Savings Point. These focuses are claimable for limits, with 10 focuses worth $10 in savings.

Above all, the store has four uncommon savings occasions every year solely for cardholders. What’s more, dynamic cardholders get a 20% off coupon every year on their birthday.

Who Benefits the Most

The individuals who shop at American Eagle oftentimes advantage the most from the American Eagle Credit Card. Indeed, even an individual who purchases garments there a couple of times each year can set aside cash, as Extra Savings Points don’t lapse, and the birthday coupon doesn’t need to be utilized that day; it very well may be put something aside for a later purchase.

An individual who once in a while shops at American Eagle yet makes a one-time significant purchase there – maybe a class kickoff gathering for a high schooler matured kid – should seriously think about joining carefully for the underlying 15% rebate. On the off chance that the purchase amount is, state, $200, the client spares $30 with next to no time and exertion.


The Gap Credit Card from Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) offers comparable terms to the American Eagle Credit Card. The Gap card has the additional advantage of being accepted at different retailers possessed by Gap, for example, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Athleta. The card’s APR, as of August 2016, is 24.99%. Cardholders get 15% off their first purchase, much the same as at American Eagle. Clients who apply for a card can pick between the standard Gap store card and a Gap Visa card that is accepted different spots and at ATMs.

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More Details

The EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card from Express Inc. (NYSE: EXPR) expands a significantly more prominent markdown of 20% to first-time clients. Cardholders also get an elite birthday present every year as their card is dynamic. The individuals who spend enough money on the card meet all requirements for an A-rundown card that gives much greater advantages, for example, quicker aggregation of remunerations dollars and an exceptional birthday present. The card conveys an APR of 25.24% as of August 2016.

The Fine Print

The American Eagle Credit Card’s terms and conditions stipulate that numerous limits can’t be applied to a solitary purchase. For instance, a cardholder may not utilize Extra Savings Points and a 20% birthday coupon simultaneously.

In addition, the birthday markdown just applies to dynamic records on favorable terms. Therefore, a cardholder who is reprobate or in assortments is ineligible to get the coupon. To apply the birthday coupon to a purchase, the client must compensation with the American Eagle Credit Card.

American Eagle Credit Card Summary


  • Generous rewards for American Eagle and Aerie purchases
  • 20% off birthday coupon
  • Personal shopping day coupon
  • Six cardholder occasions annually
  • Buy 5 jeans, get 1 free
  • Buy 5 bras, get 1 free


  • However, Rewards must be recovered at American Eagle and Aerie stores
  • AE Connected card must be utilized at American Eagle or Aerie stores
  • Further, very high APR
  • Rewards certificates for the most part lapse in 45 days
  • Fair or great credit

AEO Credit Card: Earn Free Clothes and Shipping from American Eagle

American Eagle offers two credit card choices for aficionados of the garments retailer: the AEO Connected credit card, which is a store-just card, and the AEO Connected Visa, which can be utilized anyplace Visa is accepted. Hence, both money back cards are given by Synchrony Bank.

Despite the fact that the AEO Connected Visa can be utilized anyplace, you’ll despite everything get the most focuses for shopping with AE — and you can just reclaim rewards for American Eagle and Aerie stock. Above all, such constraints are basic with store-branded credit cards. All things considered, on the off chance that you are a regular American Eagle or Aerie customer, the card’s in-store perks might be extremely alluring.

Benefits of the American Eagle Credit Card

Above all, both American Eagle credit cards give huge numbers of similar discounts and special perks, in spite of the fact that the greatest distinction between them is that the AEO Connected Visa can be utilized outside of AE and Aerie stores.

Card BenefitAEO Connected Credit CardAEO Connected Visa
20% off your first AEO Connected credit card purchaseYesYes
Free standard shippingYesYes
Earn 15 points per $1 spent at American Eagle or AerieYesYes
20% off birthday couponYesYes
Buy 5 jeans, get 1 freeYesYes
Buy 5 bras, get 1 freeYesYes
Personal Shopping Day couponYesYes
6 annual cardholder eventsYesYes
Earn 5 points per $1 spent anywhere Visa is acceptedNoYes

American Eagle Rewards

Probably the greatest benefits of American Eagle’s two credit cards include:

  • Earn 15 points for each $1 spent at American Eagle or Aerie. You can reclaim 2,500 points for a $10 prize to be utilized at AE or Aerie stores.
  • Cardholders also get different chances to earn 20% off at American Eagle and Aerie, including 20% off your first card purchase and 20% off on your birthday.
  • Moreover, enjoy free standard shipping on all AE purchases when you purchase on the web.
  • Score solicitations to special occasions consistently, including a Personal Shopping Day and six yearly cardholder occasions.
  • Furthermore, earn free stuff, including a free pair of jeans for each five sets you purchase or a free bra for each five bras you purchase.
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The AEO Connected Visa additionally lets cardholders earn five points for each $1 spent anyplace else Visa is acceptable. Given that Visa can be utilized all things considered vendors, this can genuinely quicken their rewards earnings.

Drawbacks of the American Eagle Card

In spite of the fact that it offers liberal rewards, the AE card additionally has a few drawbacks to consider:

  • The yearly rate (APR) is a variable 28.24%. There is no 0% introduction loan cost on purchases or parity moves, so when you don’t cover your parity by your announcement due date, you’ll begin incurring interest charges.
  • Your AEO Connected card is acceptable at American Eagle stores and Aerie stores.
  • Your AEO Connected Visa Charges a 3% remote exchange expense in the event that you utilize your card outside of the United States.
  • Rewards are recoverable at American Eagle and Aerie Stores.

On the off chance that you think you’ll exploit the 20% off coupons, special cardholder occasions, and different perks, this current card’s rewards can be justified, despite all the trouble. Therefore, even regular customers may discover getting an AE card is superfluous, given they can appreciate huge numbers of similar benefits basically by turning into a piece of the AEO Connected Rewards program. You’ll despite everything earn points on purchases and will get the equivalent $10 prize for each 2,500 points earned.

Enrollment in the AEO Connected Rewards program is free and accompanies an elite birthday offer and access to individuals just deals and occasions, similarly as you would in the event that you got the credit card.

Rates, Fees and Other Basic Info

The greater part of the rates and fees are similar whether you pick the AEO Connected card or the AEO Connected Visa card — however since the Visa can be utilized at more places, you might incur some additional fees. This table clarifies the distinctions:

AEO Connected Credit CardAEO Connected Visa
Cash Advance FeeN/A29.24%
Late Payment FeeUp to $38Up to $38
Annual Fee$0$0
Credit NeededFair to GoodFair to Good
Rewards Rates15 points per $1 spent at American Eagle15 points per $1 spent at American Eagle
5 points per $1 spent everywhere else Visa are acceptable

How They Compare to Similar Cards

Like most store credit cards, both of the American Eagle cards for the most part offers to visit AE or Aerie customers. Be that as it may, the AEO cards do offer a few perks and benefits some other store cards don’t, for example, various discounts consistently and the opportunity to earn free product.

AEO Connected Visa Credit Card versus Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

Victoria’s Secret is another dealer that offers a comparable store card, known as the Victoria’s Secret Angel Card.

Hence, like American Eagle, the Victoria’s Secret Angel Card gives special perks on cardmembers birthdays. Be that as it may, its rewards rate is a lot of lower, with cardholders earning only one point for every $1 spent on qualified purchases. It merits pointing out, however, that you’ll earn a $10 award for each 250 points you collect, contrasted with $10 for each 2,500 points you earn with the AE cards.

Victoria’s Secret allows you to earn triple points on all bra purchases, however, and you can pick as long as three days annually to get triple points on different purchases.

Generally speaking, the rewards programs are serious, so it’s only an issue of which store you want to shop at.

Is There an Aerie Credit Card?

Both American Eagle credit cards are usable at Aerie, so there is no requirement for a different card.

American Eagle Credit Card Login

You can visit to sign in for both of the two American Eagle rewards cards and to get to account the executives instruments. Thus, Client support is accessible via live talk or at this telephone number: 1-888-232-4535.

Main concern: Is the American Eagle Credit Card Right for You?

With no yearly expense and a generally simple qualifying process, applying for one of the American Eagle Outfitters credit cards may bode well on the off chance that you shop normally at American Eagle or Aerie. Further, will exploit the bunch perks.

Obviously, in the event that you would lean toward a money-back credit card that offers greater adaptability in earning and recovering rewards, you could likewise simply select to join AEO’s Connected Rewards program without getting an American Eagle credit card.