Google Pixel Buds 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds (With Verdict)

Google Pixel Buds 2 Vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Google Pixel Buds 2 are an immense improvement over their forerunner, yet they have genuine rivalry from Samsung’s fantastic Galaxy Buds Plus. Two of the best remote earbuds sets you can purchase, both of these in-ear earphones offer noteworthy sound quality, shrewd versatile clamor features and appealing, sleek designs.

Picking between the Google Pixel Buds 2 versus Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus may simply come down to what telephone you have, as Google’s buds are improved for Android contrasted with the generally stage rationalist Galaxy Buds Plus. In any case, both of these buds offer bunches of convincing features paying little heed to your versatile operating system, from the Galaxy Buds Plus’ great battery life to the Pixel Buds 2’s durable, durable development.

Pixel Buds 2 versus Galaxy Buds Plus: Price and worth

The new Google Pixel Buds 2 expense $179 and come in Google’s Clearly White shade, with Oh So Orange, Quite Mint and Almost Black alternatives set to show up not long from now. Google’s buds are fundamentally pricier than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, which cost $149 and come in White, Black, Red and Cloud Blue varieties. In case you’re searching for the least expensive earbuds out of the two, Samsung has the edge here.

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Pixel Buds 2 versus Galaxy Buds Plus: Controls

This round is a no-contest. The Pixel Buds 2’s touch controls demonstrated dependable in my testing, allowing me to stop follows a tap, skip follows a twofold tap and even slide my finger all over to control volume.

By examination, the Galaxy Buds Plus’ controls are excessively touchy and finicky. In any event, when I had the Buds modified to play out indistinguishable activities from the Pixel Buds, I frequently found that they would skirt a track that I intended to interruption, or delay a track when my finger marginally brushed the buds. It is anything but a dealbreaker for Samsung’s earbuds, yet it is a disturbance that gives the Pixel Buds 2 the edge.

Google Pixel Buds 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds (With Verdict)
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Winner: Google Pixel Buds 2

Pixel Buds 2 versus Galaxy Buds Plus: Call quality

Neither of these earbuds have heavenly call quality, yet Google’s buds are more solid for talking via telephone. I utilized both earbuds to talk with a companion over Discord, and he noticed that the Galaxy Buds sounded a lot grainier and less clear than Google’s earbuds. I despite everything saw the Galaxy Buds Plus as fine for regular calls, however you should lean towards the Pixel Buds in the event that you need a couple of remote earbuds you can use for your day by day Zoom meetings.

Winner: Google Pixel Buds 2

Pixel Buds 2 versus Galaxy Buds Plus: Battery life

Here’s the place Samsung’s buds truly shine. The Galaxy Buds Plus are rated for an astonishing 11 hours of battery (with an extra 11 from the charging case), and they to a great extent satisfied that as far as I can tell. I went a few days without having to juice up the Galaxy Buds’ case, in any event, when wearing Samsung’s earbuds for a considerable length of time at once.

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The Pixel Buds 2 don’t toll very too in the perseverance division. Google’s buds are rated for 5 hours of continuance, yet we discovered them to last closer to 4.5 hours in certifiable testing. Google guarantees an aggregate of 24 hours of listening time with the charging case. That is about comparable to different earbuds, for example, the AirPods and AirPods Pro, yet can’t measure up to the Galaxy Buds Plus.

Google Pixel Buds 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds (With Verdict)
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Winner: Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus.


It was an incredibly close fight, however the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus win this general standoff on account of its heavenly battery life, lower price and wider similarity with iOS and Android.

Generally speaking, in case you’re searching for the best battery life and feature set at the cost, and need something that functions admirably on either iOS or Android, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are difficult to top.

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