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Digital era has changed how we interact. This includes the difference in sharing contents and resources. Most of the corporate tasks and resources are shared via some digital medium, and among these mediums the big part lies with the email services. But if your mailbox data is corrupted or if there is a corrupt PST file, then all your precious emails can be lost. Here comes the importance of recovery software that extracts and restores data from your corrupt PST file with 100% integrity. 

If you are an outlook user, PST files are those files that store the information in the inbox. Some of the biggest reasons behind corruption of PST files is virus attack, malware infection, large-sized outlook data or sharing the PST file on a network. In case they get corrupted it poses danger to the sensitive data and needs to be repaired as soon as possible.  

Why Need Outlook PST Repair Software? 

When you are dealing with sensitive files, corruption cannot be risked and hence comes in utmost security priority, which is taken by our secure software Stellar Repair for Outlook. It can quickly repair the large corrupted PST files at high speed and also restore the inbox at an even faster rate. While normal PST files only span for 2gigs of data, stellar repair has a capability of even restoring 50 gigs of data without any difficulty. Hence it theoretically has no bounds over the data limit. Users get an additional panel with live output log and preview of the PST file being restored and the current details the software is working on. 

The PST repair software can be purchased under three tiers of paid services and one free service. 

  1. Demo Version: It consists of basic repair tools, with limited accessibility to the major professional tools developed by Stellar Repair for Outlook. It is suitable for small businesses and allows users to preview the mailbox content. 
  2. The Professional Version: It handles basic repair facilities excellently and can handle basic repair and restore of PST files accordingly. The pricing for professional repair tools start at 99$.
  3. Technician Version: It is suitable for professional IT experts who handle such queries frequently and need recovery tools frequently for a number of clients. It also has the capability to transfer the PST files directly to the latest Outlook 365 suit from Microsoft. This version of the software is priced at $249.
  4. Outlook Toolkit: This is the $299 version of the repair tool and features all the benefits of the combined professional and technician bundle. It also comes with additional 6 tools for better productivity.
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How PST Repair Software Works 

You can follow mentioned-below steps to repair a corrupt PST file – 

Step 1

Download PST repair software from Official website of Stellar

Step 2:

After completing Installation, Launch Stellar Repair for Outlook

Step 3:

Browse corrupt PST file & Click on “Repair” to start the mailbox recovery process 

Step 4:

Scanning process is going on 

Step 5:

After completing scanning process, you can check preview of lost items 

Step 6

Now, you can save any folder or individual emails in different file formats like PST, MSG, EML, RTF, HTML & PDF 


Benefits of using Stellar Repair for Outlook along with highlights of the best features of the software are summarized below:

  1. Best Alternative of Inbox Repair Tool: Microsoft’s scanpst.exe is the inbuilt tool provided to repair the corrupted PST file. But it faces many frequent crashes and may not be able to repair the inbox accordingly. Here comes the use of the Stellar Repair for Outlook, which can easily repair the corrupt PST file. Additionally, it has the ability to recover high level organised data like the calendar and messages which cannot be repaired to their native form using scanpst.exe. 
  2. Handle corruption due to large size: PST files are known for their large size they accumulate over time; this goes unnoticed many times until the software feels buggy. If it is not sorted out accordingly then it may lead to corruption of the files and finally to loss of data. Such types of problems are easily handled by the Stellar Repair for Outlook, because of its large size limits. It can recover up to 50 GB of data, compared to average traditional PST Files which account for only 2 GB of data.
  3. Restoring mailboxes from password protected PST: Stellar Repair for Outlook is an incredible tool that allows you to restore your Outlook mailbox even from the password protected PST. The software supports recovery of mailbox data in multiple file formats including, PST, PDF, MSG, EML and several others. Moreover, you can initiate and continue the recovery process at your own convenience.
  4. Export Outlook Emails to other formats: Stellar Repair for Outlook has an awesome feature of enabling you to export your Outlook emails to other storages and people in different file formats. After the recovery of the mails you can choose the format of the files to export, some of the common file formats supported are HTML, EML, PDF, RTF etc. 
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Windows operating system has an inbuilt tool for its client to do so, namely scanpst.exe, but it has many limitations like ultra-slow speed combined with frequent crashes, which can add to the corruption instead of healing it. This is where our product comes to picture, with a fast interface and professional level security it can recover absolutely anything you throw at it.


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