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5 Famous Historical Photographs You Should Know

The historical photographs have an eminent significance of their in itself. They happen to remain iconic and behold numerous informative aspects, as well. Some of the very famous photographers of all time have captured many a scintillating moment that still today holds a particular mark. Such pictures describe many human philosophies and also happen to be beholding a whole story with themselves. Here we are going to talk about 5 collectible historical photos and documents.

5 Famous Historical Photographs

jjames nachtwey famine in somalia 1992
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His picture showcased a woman in a wheelbarrow, waiting to be taken to a feeding center.

In the year 1992, James had not gotten any project to cover the famine in Somalia. He, therefore, decided to cover the happening on his one. At the ground level, he was assisted by the Red-Cross and through his work, wonders were able to be done. On witnessing the photograph captured by him, the Red-Cross received an immense level of public support through which they could save one and a half million people.  James Nachtwey has said, “I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.”

philippe halsman dali atomicus 1948
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Halsman created something very extraordinary with one of Salvador Dali’s portrait. He had even roped his wife and daughter into helping in throwing the water and the cats into the frame. This photograph had been captured in that era when there wasn’t any idea of photoshop. After about 26 shots, they finally captured this photograph, which expresses both Halsman and Dali’s artwork. Both these artists had a bizarre sense of styling and creativity, and thus they collaborated on many projects.

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lewis hines cotton mill girl 1908
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The National Child Labor Committee stood up to fight for the child workers in the USA. It was established in the year 1904. They very actively stood up for their cause and kept trying to bring about a massive change in the people’s mind regarding this topic. When Lewis Hine, an investigative photographer, came across Sadie Pfeifer, one of the smallest children at work, this shot was taken. The committee realized this to be a powerful tool where they could project the real faces of these children being exploited. They believed showcasing of these pictures would bring about huge changes. This photograph played a vital role in their campaign and helped bring about many changes in the legislature.

dorothea lange migrant mother 1936
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Lange was asked to capture the affected people by the Great Depression in 1936, as an assignment for the resentment administration. She has achieved and portrayed the pain and agony that the 32-year-old Thompson and her young children had been going through. Her photograph was compelling and seemed to have attracted many viewers. When Lange returned, this photograph captured by her was chosen as the most iconic of all the 160,000 that were captured to document this phase of suffering. The government on seeing this photograph had taken some immediate actions and had provided with 20,000 pounds of food.

eadweard muybridge the horse in motion 1878
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Eadweard Muybridge was on the task of discovering whether a horse takes flight while galloping. Well, this photographer was commissioned by the California Governor Leland Stanford for having proofed this theory.  Muybridge developed a technique to capture the horse using an exposure lasting just a fraction of a second. He had 12 cameras lined up that were triggered to photograph in rapid succession by the galloping horse. The series of images Muybridge captured didn’t just prove that a horse does indeed take flight. They also led the way for a new way of using photography with other technology to capture the truth.

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This method led the way for the development of animation and motion pictures.

These collectibles portray a lot of information about the era in which they were shot. Some of the photographs also carry the autographs of the real photographer or someone eminent related to the picture and that shuttles up the value of that remain. These collectible autographs, photographs and documents are like reality living in stills. These shall forever be evergreen.

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