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Best Countries to Live in 2020- Top 25 Nations That You Can Choose

The Best Countries to Live in 2020

Want to know the best countries to live in in 2020? Here are some options if your planning to relocate. The world used to be huge to the point that the idea of moving or living in another country was such an implausible chance. However, presently, on account of airplanes and other advantageous transportation methods, anything is possible for really you.

London’s bustling roads, the stylish bistros in Paris, those perpetual white seashores in Byron Bay – take your pick.

In case you’re genuinely willing and capable, you can move and assemble your life in the place where there are your fantasies.

The best countries to live in:

1. Norway –

Consistently, we anticipate the World Happiness Report, the review that positions the most joyful countries on the planet. Also, consistently, we see Norway topping the list or possibly close.
So what precisely about this Scandinavian country makes its citizens the most joyful people on Earth?

All things considered, in case you’re looking for the ideal work-life balance while being encircled by nature, you’ve discovered your home. Norwegian culture is present day, gender-neutral, and is very reformist.

Norway has the absolute most noteworthy life anticipation rates on the planet, so medical services aren’t an issue. The country is likewise among the highest in ways of life, educational quality, and green living.

2. Switzerland – Best for Healthcare

You’re not joking about living as long as 100 years of age or more. You additionally need to be healthy at the same time. At that point, Switzerland is the country for you. Hence, It easily makes it on the list of Best Countries to live in!
There are numerous different reasons why Switzerland tops numerous lists. Indeed, it’s very near Norway regarding education, reasonableness, business, and so on. In any case, one factor sticks out:

So, it’s the most advantageous place on Earth. People in Switzerland have too much okay about acquiring sicknesses like Malaria, Tuberculosis, and HIV.

3. Australia – Best for Education

All things considered, you ought to go to concentrate in Australia. According to the UN, most Australian understudies go to class for around 20 years.

In any case, it’s not simply that. Australian positions are high for experience proportion. And according to ex-pats, moving to Australia made them healthier, saying that “the common habitat, and admittance to it, is superior to what’s accessible at home, which consistently means additional time spent outside.”

4. Austria – Most Livable Place on Earth


The list positions 140 countries and rates them depending on culture, climate, medical services, and infrastructure. What’s more, Austria’s capital scored a general rating of 99.1.
Extravagant living in a restored old condo, encircled by the absolute most lovely customary and present-day engineering on the planet? \

5. Sweden –

In the event that you’ve generally longed for a truly memorable family, living in a country house overlooking a wonderful lake, then Sweden may very well be the one. According to the World Report, Sweden positioned top for the places to bring a family up in.

This Scandinavian country offers free education, affordable childcare, and public regions, which are infant amicable. Also, it is likewise perhaps the greenest country on the planet. Considering all the, there truly is no better place to bring up youngsters.

6. Germany – Best for Career Advancement

Germany is one of the most crowded countries in the entirety of Europe. Be that as it may, it is likewise one of the most prosperous with regards to economic development. Lately, Germany has seen staggering achievement in benefit, with a GDP of $3.7 million. Furthermore, nobody can contend with its huge international economic commitment since the reunification.

It’s not simply all work and no play. Germany likewise brags of excellent Job-life balance, according to most of the ex-pats. The Germans invented an entire month for drinking lager, all things considered. Hence, It easily makes it on the list of Best Countries to live in!

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7. New Zealand –


It’s complicated to evacuate as long as you can remember and move to an outside country. Substantially less to someplace as far-eliminated as New Zealand. What’s more, you wouldn’t anticipate it, yet New Zealand is really probably the most effortless country to live in.

This implies that New Zealand offers a high caliber of everyday life. Expats additionally guarantee that it’s very simple to integrate into the country. So in case you’re stressed over not feeling like you’ll have a place, have confidence, settling down in New Zealand appears to be consistent. It easily makes it on the list of Best Countries to live in!

8. Singapore – Best of East and West

The leading Asian country on this list, Singapore, is a melting pot of culture – both east and the west. The country is one of the most extravagant in Asia, and its gratitude to international economic investments has become a booming city.

Settling down in Singapore is each millennial expat’s fantasy. The city has the best bars, eateries, and an assorted and present-day network. Extra points: the country is a paradise for foodies. Imagine eating at a Michelin star road food slow down.
Fair warning is that as it may, professional track in this little country is ferocious. Work-life balance is nearly non-existent. In any case, hello, in case you’re profession driven, you’ll definitely thrive here.

9. Denmark – Best for Quality of Life

They should accomplish something directly in these Scandinavian countries. Denmark is attached to Singapore in the most recent UN rankings.
Middle wages among people as of now has a hole of just 7.8% for full-time workers. So in case you’re tired of gender inclination all through your vocation, you should seriously mull over moving to Denmark. Likewise, this pleasant country reliably positions high on reasonableness overviews, as it adjusts business as usual approaches as Sweden and Norway.

10. Ireland – Best for Friendliness

Ireland’s crime rate is one of the most reduced far and wide, with homicide rates just at 1.1% per 1,000 people. Also, perhaps it has to do with the way that it is probably the most amiable place on Earth.

Furthermore, on the off chance that somebody made a most amiable place report, this country will, without a doubt, top the list. You’ll experience no difficulty finding another BFF here.
In any case, Ireland is likewise considerably more than that. It may be a small country. However, it is lavish with sweeping green scenes, homey little cabins, and accompanies a fun and lively capital, Dublin.

11. Canada –


Canada is another country that grabs each wanna-be expat’s attention. Furthermore, why not? One of the’s countries will probably pull in 1 million ex-pats to come live and work there continuously in 2020. Discussion about an incredible welcome, eh?

This North American country likewise positions high in the quality of medical services and education. Economic and political dependability in Canada is likewise acceptable. So truly, you will have nothing to stress about in this country except for when and where to get your next request of poutine.

12. The Netherlands – Best for Innovation

The Netherlands has had generally low rates of income inequality (presently at 12.4% in the entirety of the world) since the mid-1990s.
This country is additionally considered to have one of the world’s most innovative economies. Furthermore, it has become the country’s top needs. They significantly offer a “fire up” visa for anybody sufficiently intense to construct a business out of their strong thoughts.

In 2016, The Netherlands likewise positioned seventh place on the broad indicator of prosperity of country scale, according to the World Economic Forum. Must be every one of those windmills. It easily makes it on the list of Best Countries to live in!

13. Iceland – The Most Stunning Nature

There, the scenes are so breathtaking. They nearly appear to be awesome. The Land of The Midnight Sun is arranged, regardless of its name, is a lot of green.

Additionally, a tad of random data: there are, in a real sense, no mosquitoes in Iceland. Nothing. What’s more, the people there have confidence in mythical beings. Genuine story. However, regardless of this quirkiness, Iceland likewise has a steady economy, more than reasonable medical care, and houses probably the most instructed people on the planet.

14. Finland – Most Eco-Friendly

best countries to live in

What’s the main thing to rung a bell when Finland is referenced? Reindeer? Santa Clause Claus?
Indeed, Finland is really the most joyful place on Earth, according to The 2018 World Happiness Report. It’s likewise one of the most secure, according to the 2018 Travel Risk Map, which evaluates the security, clinical dangers, and street wellbeing.

Finland’s green accreditations are the best on the planet. It positioned number one on the 2016 Environmental Performance Index, as they produce around 66% of their electricity from sustainable or atomic power sources.

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15. US of America –

Obviously, we won’t overlook the purported “Place where there is the Free” on this list.
It easily makes it on the list of Best Countries to live in! This country has something to offer to everyone! From businesses to education, every year people from all over the world to come and live here. This also, makes these countries one of the most diverse countries in the world.

16. United Kingdom

In any case, nobody can reject that the UK is as yet a superpower – and still among the most prosperous countries on the planet.

The UK actually stands its ground in business and enterprise. Also, before you yell, “Brexit!” get this:
The United Kingdom attracted more investors than some other European countries since the Brexit vote. It easily makes it on the list of Best Countries to live in!

17. Luxembourg – International Hub

Luxembourg is confirmation that size doesn’t make a difference.
The country of 600,000 people may seem as though just a speck in the event that you take a gander at the world guide. However, according to Fortune Magazine, Luxembourg has reliably been probably the wealthiest country on the planet – second in 2017.

Yet, you’d be astounded to realize that practically 50% of the country’s populace comprises of outsiders.

18. Belgium – Best for Personal Freedom

best countries to live in

There’s plenty of beneficial things to state about Belgium.
To start with, it’s one of the most significant countries in Europe. Brussels, specifically, is the base camp of both the European Union and Nato. So you don’t need to stress over not being in the focal point of things. Belgium is likewise at the top concerning individual flexibility.

However, more than that, the quality of life is impressive in Belgium. People are inviting and communicate in English well, with the country hosting 3 authority dialects.
It’s enthusiastic, carefree, and bustling with great vibes.

19. Slovenia – Safety

Slovenia is the central European country on this list, yet it offers the absolute best of Europe.
Settled among Italy and Croatia, it holds the most stunning scenes. Rich forests, breathtaking alpine mountains, pleasant design.

Also, lovely nature is just a stone’s expandable, too. What’s more, in case you’re stressed over security, Slovenia really positions high on the Quality of Life overview.

20. Vietnam –

The quantity of “computerized travelers” is increasing the world over.
One well-known country among advanced migrants in Vietnam. Furthermore, it’s no big surprise.
It’s cheap. It’s lovely. The people are agreeable. What’s more, the internet is adequate.
Vietnam offers an assortment of scenes for the eagerness to travel on a holiday, and it’s rich in history and cuisine, too.
By and large, you can lease a condo for $250 per month and eat out around $1 per supper.

21. Malta

Malta is something beyond Game of Throne’s genuine King’s Landing.
The stunning Mediterranean country is Europe’s 15th most prosperous country. Truth be told, even the World Bank arranges Malta as a high-income country.
Financial security is far removed. Malta offers amazing culture, rich history, and magnificent weather. It easily makes it on the list of Best Countries to live in!

22. France – Best for Opulence

Ok, who would not like to live in lavish Paris? Or then again, the pleasant rolling valleys of the French countryside?

In the event that it’s an extravagance you’re looking for, France will definitely indulge you.
Food, wine, Michelin star eateries, craftsmanship, sentiment – it will be a blessing from heaven.
Be that as it may, France additionally offers a standout amongst other healthcare systems on the planet. The country combines public and private well-being sectors to give widespread healthcare to every one of its citizens.
You won’t need to stress over doctor’s visit expenses. Win-win, correct?

23. Hong Kong – Asian Business Hub

Hong Kong consistently gets toe to toe with Singapore. It is, for some time, set up as the business center of Asia. What’s more, it is beaming with progress. There’s a lot of ex-pats, so you won’t feel alone moving into such a booming city. Trips to neighboring Asian miracles are just worth an hour or two.

There’s a drawback, however. Hong Kong isn’t the best country for nature. Its regular habitat just positions as 86th on the planet.

24. Japan – Risk-Free living.

Try not to check out some other Asian countries presently. Japan is distinguished as one of the most grounded economic powers in the east. Truly, the sushi is faultless. However, Japan is more than that. The country positions exceptionally in well-being and safety, making it an incredible country for hazard free living.

It is anything but social capital, by any stretch. Truth be told, it positions just 99 on the planet for individual flexibility. So it’s not the most amiable and warmest country.
Notwithstanding, Japan flaunts delightful nature, rich and extraordinary culture, and a booming, reformist economy.

25. Portugal – Freedom


Portugal astounded numerous economic and living studies as of late.
The country has reliably been serious in political and economic viewpoints. It is likewise one of the countries highlighted in the Quality of Living review. Portugal is likewise the third most peaceful country on the planet. Yet, pause, we haven’t discussed the excellence of the country. It easily makes it on the list of Best Countries to live in!

Portugal breaks immense diversity scenes and conditions for such a small country. There are beaches, mountains, forests, all within an hour or two drive away from anyplace.
What’s more, the best part is, the typical cost for basic items is moderately affordable, according to Numbeo.

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