lotteries you never knew

Postcode, beer, and sex lotteries amidst several others you never knew existed!

We live in a very strange world where individuals, and even event organizers, put a twist on the conventional way with which things are done. When playing the lottery, people do not always bet to win cash funds, as there are numerous uses, and even odd, prizes to be won in some of the most curious lotteries you never knew that can be found around the globe.

In Coventry, a group of neighbours, consisting altogether of 17 people, partook in a People’s Postcode Lottery, winning a four-figure sum of $1,000 each after the CV2 1HR postcode was announced on October 13.

The Lottery Ambassador, Judie McCourt, had sent the winners her well-wishes and added that such a win is fantastic and a great boost to receive.

The People’s Postcode Lottery is one which has a subscription service. Those who enter are subjected to a monthly payment in advanced through any of the supported payment methods and entered into the ten draws each month where prizes can be one each day.

Three is a minimum of around 32% of funds made on ticket sales which are donated to charities. Those who have taken part in the People’s Postcode Lottery have already raised more than £500 million to date which have been donated to various good causes not only in Britain, but sectors beyond this.

The draw in which the Coventry group partook had specifically provided funding to improve both the health and the wellbeing of numerous communities which are spread across Great Britain.

The People’s Postcode Lottery makes provision for local charities to sign up for funding with applications which have recently opened for 2021.

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Although this lottery is not strange in any way, it does break away from the conventional lottery plays. A brewery in California, the Kern River Brewery has a high demand on its beer, so high that the brewery decided to inaugurate a beer lottery.

Those who wish to stand a chance to win a chance to buy up to six bottles of beer, can sign up for the lottery on their respective website. However strange this lottery may seem: it is not one of the most curious lotteries in the world.

A rather peculiar lottery, to some, however not to those who partake or bet on the Sex Lottery in the UK, which is the brainchild of a dating site by the name of Forget Dinner, has been in operation since 2014.

The first prize which is up for grabs, is an all-expenses-paid night spent at a noteworthy hotel which features a pole-dancing pole, mirrored ceilings, and every other fancy that could be imagined for a night filled with unconventional, tacky passion.

These are but a few lotteries which feature prizes and pay-outs that are not quite the same as winning a large sum of money, although almost a close equivalent in goods and services.

There are numerous lotto events which have such unique features and for numerous players who play for grand prizes, even if it is merely a night away, or a lifetime worth of food and drink, these curious lotteries you never knew are highly sought after.

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