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Sous Vide Chicken Breast- Simple and Easy Recipe

About Sous Vide Chicken Breast

Want to know the secret to a lip-smacking sous vide chicken breast? Here is all you need to know. There are several conventional cooking strategies like directly heating up, barbecuing, dry out the meat, etc. But in order to get the meat cooked thoroughly from the middle, the edges can get overcooked and bring a bad taste to the recipe. It may become overly chewy that will kill the entire dish, and all your efforts may go in vain. Hence, to avoid all such incidents, we have the sous vide strategy in which the meat is fixed in a compact and tightly shut pocket and cooked in a water bath.

The meat is slowly cooked in hot water, and it gets cooked with perfection over a period of time. This method brings a wonderful taste out of the meat or chicken and never disappoints in any manner!

Well, getting the chicken cooked utilizing a hot water bath implies that you can unequivocally control the manner in which heat moves through the entire piece of chicken that you want to cook.


Benefits of Chicken Sous Vide

  • Easy method
  • Brings out the Utmost taste
  • Can manage the temperature in an accurate manner.
  • You can always avoid overcooking the meat.
  • Way better than all the other alternatives to cooking chicken

Simple Instructions of a Great Recipe 

Let’s dig into the simple yet amazing recipe that will help you to cook a perfect dish for you and your family! Here are the basic guidelines that will help you to cook your chicken breasts flawlessly.

For the initial preparation, you’ll need Clifton sous to vide cooker that we’ll use to cook our chicken to perfection. Also, you’ll need a Vacuum sack as that will keep all the flavourful ingredients impermeable, and it will help to keep the sensitive flavor intact.

Bath Preparations

First of all, fix a proper time of cooking times and at what temperature do you want it to be. Basically, for a 180g of tender meat, there should be a cooking temperature of 65°C, and the meat has to be cooked thoroughly for straight 45 minutes. Keep in mind that one can adjust these numbers according to the kind of meat or the preference that you have. This will give you a happy cooking experience!

Time to Bring the Meat to the Table

sous vide chicken breast

Bring up a nice clean cut of the chicken breast as it is now time for cooking. Along with this, you have to get the vacuum in a sous vide sack.

Let’s get it started! 

Time to give the seal tight bag a nice and warm water bath. Dip that bag in the water and make sure that you know the temperature of the water. Set the timer with your preference and how well-cooked you want the portion to be. Keep in mind that the temperature and the time both are two equally important factors that will make or break your dish!

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Plate Up! 

Once the breast has been cooking for about 45 minutes, it time to take it out. You can customize this timing, depending on how you want the chicken to be. Now, plate up and get the piece out. Put on some simple dressings on top of it and sprinkle some seasonings just to give it that finishing touch.

Enjoy Eating! 

Times and temperatures for chicken sous vide

Let us discuss the basic temperature at which you can cook your chicken in an amazing manner. This simple yet unique technique helps immensely to get the chicken to reach a perfect level of tenderness. Moreover, you can always change and modify the way you want to cook it! This is a wonderful method through which you can explore various options to cook your chicken as well! Let us know more details about it below!

Customize and Create! 

Not only the temperature and the time of cooking, in this method, but you can also even play with the taste of the chicken as well! Add more interesting ingredients of your choice just to get that extra taste buds tingling. Try more various flavors of the different ingredients as you can add and mix some inbreeding in the sack, and it will be cooked flawlessly with the chicken.

Safe sous vide chicken times.

The time of cooking the meat depends on person to person as some may like it overcooked or some may even like just cooked enough to eat it. However, there are some basic temperatures and time it’s imperative to guarantee that the centerpiece of the chicken breast has arrived at a sheltered center temperature. Make sure that you put the pieces separately. The large pieces might not come out as you may want them to be.

Reheating Technique 

This is a wonderful way to reheat the chicken! Usually, when we reheat the chicken or any other meat, it becomes overcooked or gets burnt easily. Besides this, even the texture of the meat changes completely. With this method, we can easily get the piece or pieces of meat reheated while maintaining the same texture and the taste of the chicken. We don’t have to boil the sack for very long as it might get overcooked, but just to keep it in the warm water for a few minutes will do the job perfectly.

Chilling food for capacity

Not only the reheating, even for storing the chicken, but this might also come in very handy. As when we make the chicken with this method, we can easily keep the bag in the freezer as that will retain the smell and taste of the chicken easily. We can even add some other spices or seasonings before freezing, as that might give out a long-lasting flavor to the chicken. So make sure to enjoy your chicken and store it good for a long amount of time with the help of this technique. Cooking food sous vide saves it fresher for more.

Preparing chicken sous to vide

In order to make chicken sous to vide in the best manner possible, make sure to keep the temperature of the water in check. Along with this, keep an eye on the time as well. Both of these factors can be a crucial point of how your chicken might taste or get cooked. Once you know how to cook your chicken in this method, you can now add more elements to it. You can add a wide range of seasonings and ingredients to make this dish even better. Adding some strong flavors like rosemary or thyme can be of huge help. These things bring out a wonderful taste to your plate. Matched with a perfectly cooked chicken, your dish will surely win a lot of hearts on the table!

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But make sure that you don’t ever overdo these things as any flavor that you overdo will subside the actual taste of the kitchen. This is an amazing recipe even if you are on a diet! Check out some amazing diet plans

Some Amazing Ingredients That You Can Add- 

Sous Vide chicken breast
Toasted herbs:

Fresh spices are regularly not sweet-smelling enough to get full flavor across through sous vide. Drying or toasting sweet-smelling spices, for example, rosemary, will give a more rounded flavor.

Powdered spices:

These spices can bring out an amazing flavor in your dish. The best thing about these spices is that you don’t need to add a lot of them. Just a few spoons or a few pinches of them would bring out a delicious flavor. They also add a wonderful smell to the dish which makes it even more appealing. You can add- Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Pepper, etc. Make sure to do some experiments with these flavors and see how magical your sous vide chicken breast dish turns out to be! 


Another major step in cooking any lip-smacking dish with chicken is the marinade. When you marinate the chicken, all the spices and flavors that you add in the marinade goes into the chicken, and it makes the chicken filled with flavor. If we choose to skip this step, then you might end up with a bland dish as most of the taste and flavor would only be in the sauce. The chicken itself would have no flavor at all! Check out an amazing recipe of Alfredo sauce while you’re at it! 


Salt is the key to any dish that you make. But the thing with salt is that you have to be extremely precise with it. Even a bit more or a bit less would make the dish go bad. All the effort of yours might go down the drain if we choose to ignore this important element of the dish. Moreover, keep a check of salt in the dish and make sure that you don’t over or underdo it. The salt also helps to cook the chicken as It acts as a tenderizing agent. So adding this before you put the chicken to boil would make a nice difference. 

Bean stew:

Bean stew and all the similar things come into the picture when you want to add a little kick to your sous vide chicken breast dish. These things might bring up the spice quotient of your dish. So just make sure that you and your stomach are ok with the spice levels. In any case, your dish may be ridiculously hot! Love spicy food? Proceed!

Ginger :

Ginger has a very pungent smell and taste. This will increase the taste of your chicken to the next level. Just remember to add a bit only! Even a slight increase of ginger will overpower the entire dish and the only thing that you might smell or taste would be ginger. You can even add garlic as well. It does the same thing as ginger. Furthermore, You can even add both to make the dish a wonderful match of flavors. Well, now you know how to your sous vide chicken breast dish even better than before! Make sure to keep these things in mind and try out some of the tips that we shared above! 

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