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How to Cook Filet Mignon- Simple Recipe and It’s Delicious Variants!

About Filet Mignon

Want to know how to cook a filet mignon? First, let us understand what a filet mignon is. A steak is one of the most preferred and loved dishes of all time. Be it at a romantic dinner or an evening out with colleagues. It is never a wrong occasion to have a steak—a lot of people who are into hardcore meat-eating love it dearly. The peculiar thing about steak is that there are numerous ways to cook a perfect steak. The different types of cuts, woods, or charcoal, etc., make a lot of difference.

Even the fat content of the steak varies from cut to cut. That is why it’s very important for us to know your steak before you end up ordering or eating one. Many people fear cooking up a steak at their homes as they think it is a complex and lengthy process. But, in reality, it is a simple recipe! You have to make sure that some of the basic steps that you take are up to the mark. Let us dig out some of the filet mignons, and also, we will discuss a basic recipe so that you and your friends know how to cook filet mignon in the best manner possible.

How to Cook Filet Mignon?


Let us discuss the recipe of filet mignon in brief before we share some variants with you. First of all, before we start the process, we have to understand that a good filet mignon is all about the meat. This means that you have to find the best piece of filet mignon possible. You can explore the meat markets near you to find the perfect cut.

If you cannot find a good cut of meat, then the recipe won’t be as good as it can be. So try your best to find the best cut around you.

Once you have the cut with you, the other vital thing required for this is the vessel you will cook in. The best recommend vessel to cook and sear a filet mignon is a cast-iron skillet. The skillet will help you to cook your mignon perfectly.

Let us check out the ingredients that you will need for this-

Filet Mignon


Olive Oil

Kosher Salt

Black Pepper


The Process-

In order to cook your filet mignon to perfection, follow these steps. Take the cast iron skillet or any other thick pan available to you and add some butter to it. On the other hand, rub the salt, black pepper, and olive oil on the filet mignon in order to add favors to the meat. After rubbing the mignon with butter, pepper, and other ingredients, keep it aside for 10 minutes.

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Now, heat the skillet with some butter in it and let the butter melt and get hot. Once you see it bubbling a bit, now it is time to add the filet mignon in the cast iron skillet. Since we all have our own sauce and taste preferences when it comes to meat. You have to cook and sear it according to your taste. This is because there is no perfect way to cook a piece of meat. As we all have our own preferences, it is better that we decide the cooking level. A lot of us prefer medium-rare, and some of us may prefer a well-done steak, so you have to time it accordingly.

Once you have cooked your meat well in the butter and rosemary, you have to now sear all sides of the steak. For this, you have to flip all the sides of the filet on the skillet and let it cook on a medium or high flame for 2 minutes each site. You have to repeat this on every side of the steak until all sides for a wonderful outer layer.

Final Plating-

Once all of this is done, get a fresh plate, and put your steak there. After putting the steak, add the reduced leftover butter sauce from the skillet as well. This will help you to get that extra flavor from the meat. All the flavors of the steak and rosemary are filled in the sauce. Along with the filet mignon, you can serve any side salad or fries. For drinks, you can get a good red wine to go with it. Make sure to serve it hot in order to get the best taste out of it.

Now that you know how to cook Filet Mignon properly, let us check out some of the variants of the recipe that you can try at your home. Make sure to experiment with the flavors in order to get the best tasting steak for yourself.

Salt and Pepper Vegetables

What you can do to give this steak a wonderful twist is that you can get add some freshly chopped green vegetables in the pan after the meat is cooked and removed. The veggies will get cooked in the same butter as the meat. Hence, it gets coated in all the flavors. While the veggies are cooking, you can top them with black pepper and a pinch of salt.

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Thyme and Other Seasonings

As you must have noticed, we have told you to add rosemary to the above recipe. But, you can always change the taste a bit. What you can do to enhance and explore the taste is to add a bit of thyme as well. Thyme is a very basic herb that is commonly used while cooking meat. You can also add other herbs as well. Just make sure that those herbs go well with the flavors of the meat.

Add More Meat!

Yes, you read that, right! You can add more amount of meat as well! This is only for the hardcore meat lovers. Adding some other meat means to add a bit of bacon along with the filet mignon. This gives the steak a wonderful additional flavor. Make sure that the bacon cooks perfectly. As the crunch will add a different texture!

Why Pan?

If you don’t have a cast-iron skillet, then don’t worry! You can also cook a delicious piece of meat on the grill as well! Moreover, the grilling adds an amazing smokey flavor to the meal! The quality of the wood is vital when you cook it over a grill. The quality of the wood will have a huge impact on the flavor.

Wine and Dine?
cook filet mignon

As you read above, you can serve some red wine along with the filet mignon. What more you can do is add a splash in the pan that you are making your steak in. This will help the meat to absorb and soak all the wonderful flavors of the wine! Make sure to try it once and see how it turns out to be! Remember not to add a lot of wine!

Go Green!

A lot of us feel that we need to balance our meals with the right amount of meat and veggies! Well, you can do it with filet mignon as well! All you need to do is gather all the veggies that you need to put in the recipe and chop them up. After you chop them, stir fry them in a separate pan or a wok. Now, you can make the sauces and seasoning of your choice. Once the sauce and the vegetables are mixed, serve it with the filet mignon! This will help you to balance out the meat and the vegetables of your meal.