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High Fiber Foods Chart That You Should Know in 2021

About High Fiber Foods Chart and Why Does it Matter?

A lot of us want to know about the high fiber foods chart as we are trying to make our diets healthier. Most of us eat ample meat, bread, dairy, and poultry on a daily basis. The reason that we are told to have our greens every day is that it has amazing benefits. Moreover, it has numerous benefits that we need to gain a healthier side of life.

A lot of us are not aware of what foods have the most fiber in them and why it is important to have it. In this article, we will talk about the high fiber foods chart so that you have a certain level of clarity in mind.

Details About Fiber

Fiber is an important element of our meal. It helps us to digest our food easily, and it even helps in the absorption process. Hence, it is one of the most vital parts of our digestive process. If our body starts lacking the fiber aspect in the meal, then our body suffers a lot.

That is why the doctors and dietitians are always recommending us to eat better. All of this is only possible once we are aware of the high fiber foods chart. If we continue eating only bread and meat/poultry, then our health will suffer immensely.

The fiber helps in the digestion and passing of the stool. This is a wonderful gift for anyone who is trying to lose or maintain his/her weight. This is because high fibrous foods do not have a lot of calories. They are filling for your stomach, yet they don’t have any heavy calories that the other foods have.

Benefits of High-Fiber Foods

Great for digestion

One of the main advantages of eating a lot of high fiber foods is that it helps a lot in the digestion process. Be it the absorption of the nutrients from the meal to the passing the stool. Fiber helps us with each and every process of our diet.

Weight Loss

Since it has few calories as compared to any other sort of food, it is safe to say that high diet foods can do wonders in your weight loss journey. The fiber foods are extremely filling. This helps you to fight the hunger pangs. Moreover, you can replace a tasty fibrous food with a calorie-filled one in order to cut down the calories.

Helps with Sugar Fluctuations

High fiber foods are a wonderful way to tackle your sugar problem. The process of digestion helps the sugar level to normalize. This is a great boon for every sugar patient. If you have sugar, then make sure that you are aware of the high fiber foods chart. This can help you to treat your sugar issues very well.

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Healthy Alternative

When you switch to eating these high fiber foods, you can get rid of all the junk food that you eat on a daily basis. This replacement of eating a healthier alternative will help you to lead a healthier lifestyle for sure. However, it is highly important for you to know your high fiber food before you start switching up the diet.

A great cure for Constipation

Many of us already know that fiber is a wonderful cure for constipation. It helps your stool to pass easily. This is why it is important for everyone to have a certain amount of fiber, or else we will get our stomachs constipated instantly.

Let us check out the list of the best high fiber foods that you can induce in your diet to get the immense benefits from it. Check them out below!

Top Fiber Foods 

Source- www.helpguide.org


Yes, that right! A lot of us are not aware that apples are a wonderful source of fiber. Make sure to add one apple to your diet on a daily basis. This will help you to maintain your diet and have a great digestion system. You will also get the benefits that the fruit has to provide. Check out more such great fruits and foods below.


high fiber foods chart
Source- www.healthline.com

A bright orange carrot can do wonders for you. Try having it alongside your main course to see the magical effects it can bring to your life. Moreover, these orange sticks are wonderful for your eyesight. So make sure to have it to get an optimum amount of fiber in your diet.


Instead of having some artificial source of fiber that some people may suggest, it best to have it directly from the natural source. You might be very shocked to know that even strawberries are the best source of fiber. Can you believe something so tasty having so many benefits? Besides being a great source of vitamins, it also has immense fiber content.


Many consider this as a super fruit. This is because of the long list of benefits it has for you. Bananas are a well known natural energy bars. Have one with your breakfast and give an amazing start to your day! They are a wonderful source of vitamins and nutrients. Many doctors recommend that we should have at least one banana a day. This will help you to lead a wonderful lifestyle.


Lentils are popular in various parts of the world. Many people and cultures have it for ages. This is because lentils have a lot to offer us. They are a power-packed source of protein. Moreover, they can be a wonderful source of high fiber foods. That is why they have a safe and secure spot on the high fiber foods chart. One can make them in any form of a meal. You can even make amazing soup out of them that can act like a yummy dinner. This can help you to cut down that heavy late-night meal as well.

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Chia Seeds

Recently, chia seeds have made a lot of news in the world of health and fitness. A lot of fitness experts are asking people to add some amount of chia seeds in their daily meals. This is because Chia Seeds are high in various nutrients and vitamins. Moreover, they are a wonderful source of fiber. What you can do is add some chia seeds over your fruits when you have them.

Kidney Beans

Source- www.soildstarts.com

These kidney-shaped beans are a great source of protein. Along with that, they add a lot of fiber to your diet. So make sure that you add some amount of kidney beans every now and then. Moreover, not only are they full of fiber and goodness, they can be cooked into something extremely tasty as well. You can make them in a various ways. You can even pair them with taco shells with chicken to make great Mexican food.


As you can see, there are numerous fruits in this high fiber foods chart list. This is why it is important to have some fruits and green vegetables on a daily basis. Pears can help you to maintain a healthy body and mind. Just like other fruits that are mentioned in the list, pears are no different.


A lot of things that we have as a part of our salad is a great source of fiber. Instead of having them in a small portion as a salad, you can increase the quantity of consumption. A lot of roots that we eat as fruit or vegetables have a great amount of protein in them.


high fiber foods chart
Source- www.heb.com

You can eat it as a salad or add cabbage to your main course. Cabbage brings an amazing taste crunch to the meal. This green leafy vegetable acts as a wonderful source of fiber. Moreover, it adds an immense crunch to your salad. If you don’t like to chew raw vegetables, then you can add cabbage to your main course meal. Semi cooked cabbage will give out wonderful flavors. So please don’t miss out on the amazing benefits of the cabbage!

Sweet Corn

This item in the high fiber foods chart is a favorite of many people. We can have sweet corn in a lot of forms and ways. This is a tasty way to add fiber to your meals. Moreover, even the kids love sweet corn. However, kindly make sure that you don’t add too much sweet corn.


high fiber foods chart
Source- www.healthline.com

If you want to start your day with a bowl full of fiber, then there is no better way to do it than with oats. Furthermore, a bowl of oats in the morning will help you to have a great digestion the entire day. So it is important to add oats to your diet if you are looking for a great source of fiber. Moreover, oats have an extremely high nutritional value that can help you to improve your health immensely.


We hope that now you know the top items in the high fiber foods chart. Make sure that you make the most of the fiber knowledge. Try to induce a heavy amount of fiber in your diet and see the amazing changes that it will bring to you. However, try to keep in check that you don’t go overboard with this and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

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