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How to Dry Basil – Simple and Effective Methods To Dry Herbs

How to Dry Basil – Some Easy and Quick Methods! 

As basil is one of the most commonly used dry herbs in the kitchen, it is evident that a lot of us want to know how to dry basil. It is essential to understand how to dry basil because you may get fresh basil easily, but the dry basil that you get out in the market is not as pure as we want it to be. You never know how do they dry out the herb and what all they add to it in the name of preservatives. Hence, it is far better to get your own clean basil and dry it out yourself!

There is various usage of the dry basil that might come in handy in your kitchen! Besides being a leading seasoning, it also has other uses as well! The dried basil is one of the most commonly used herbs in Italian cooking after oregano. There are tons and tons of benefits for dried basil. You can use the aromatic herbs in soups, pasta and even for a simple omelette or any other egg dish!

Medicinal Uses 

how to dry basil

Besides the fantastic taste that basil brings to the food, it also has tons of medicinal properties. Basil has been used as an immunity booster since ancient times in various parts of the country. So adding the dried herb to your meal will also be adding a lot to your body as well. If you choose to incorporate spice in your day to day dishes, then you can get immense benefits from this miraculous and tasty herb!

Primary Method- Natural Dry


Just as we go on to dry out a lot of things in this modern era, the basil has the same method. You can dry them quickly with the help of nature and get the desired results in just a few minutes. However, this isn’t the most convenient method for everyone as not all homes have enough space for it. So, if you don’t have room or some area, then kindly skip this method of how to dry out herbs.

  • Gather the best basil that you can from the market or your kitchen garden.
  • Now, go through the plant and remove any part that has gone bad or not good enough.
  • Separate the leaves from the plant and pluck them carefully so that they don’t break.
  • Now, align them in a line and tie them up with a thread in order to hang them.
  • Make sure to find a quiet and dry space to hang them.
  • Now, hang them out to dry and keep checking in on them.
  • However, if you see any moisture spots forming on the leaves, remove them from the hanging line.
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Once the basil leaves are dried, you can take them down and crush them according to your liking or usage. You can store the dried basil in a glass jar but ensure that the moisture stays away from it. The humidity can destroy the entire batch of the dried out basil.

Sun-Dried Method

Now, in order to fasten up the process that we mentioned above, we bring the sun in. The sun drying method is one of the oldest ways to dry out things like herbs, veggies etc. The sun-dried method is also one of the most natural and efficient ways to dry out items.

  • Get the best quality of basil or any other herb that you want to dry out.
  • Scout for a suitable location where you get direct sunlight every day.
  • Make sure to pick up summertime to start this for maximum sun exposure.
  • Now, gather the basil and pluck the good leaves from it and remove the rest of the plant.
  • Now, place them on a wide tray and keep them out in the open after washing and drying them.
  • Make sure that there are no strong gusts of wind blowing away the leaves.
  • Now, wait for a week for the best results, and you will have the best and natural form of dried basil leaves.

Simple and Easy Oven Dry Basil


Here is a method that has induced the technology to help us speed the process. So, we use the microwave to dry out our basil in a fast and quick process so that we don’t have to count on the weather or wait for a week for it. All you need for this drying out method is a functioning oven and some basil. You are good to go!

  • Grab the herbs that you need to dry out in the oven.
  • Check the leaves, and then give them a nice wash.
  • Pluck out the leaves and then place them on the oven tray.
  • Now, you have to pick the minimum heat level in the oven.
  • The low and slow heat will not let the basil leaves burn in the oven.
  • This may take around 5 hours to cook, so be patient with it.
  • Once you see they are mid-way dried, take out the try and flip the leaves up.
  • After 5 hours of checking and drying them, they should be dried out!


how to dry basil

The microwave is a fast method to dry out things, but it can also quickly burn them within seconds. Hence, it is essential to use the microwave to dry out basil with full caution. You have to keep an eye out at all times once you place the leaves inside the microwave and keep a check on the timer as well.

  • Just as the rest of the methods, find the best basil, wash and then pat them dry.
  • Now, spread out the leaves that you have washed and dried and place them in the microwave.
  • Now, you have to keep using the microwave for 20 seconds and keep checking on them.
  • Moreover, there is no certain exact amount of time that anyone can project due to the different intensities of the microwaves.
  • Please keep checking the herb every 15 seconds and stop once you see them done and dried.
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Keep in mind that you don’t get the actual result imminently after drying things out with quick methods. You have to take out the basil and let them rest at average room temperature for a bit to see the actual dryness and crispiness.

Drying out Herbs with a Dehydrator

Well, the benefit of using a dehydrator is that they are designed for this particular job only. They are built to dry out herbs and other items that are used in the kitchen in their dried forms. However, you don’t get to find a dehydrator in every kitchen you go to. So, you can skip this method if you don’t have a dehydrator at your place.

  • Again, follow the same steps as before- Gather the best basil, pluck their leaves and then wash and dry.
  • Just as we did with the microwave and the oven, you have to lay the basil on a tray for this as well.
  • Now, don’t rush up and ruin the basil. Instead, use the minimum setting and let the dehydrator do the job.
  • Keep checking on the basil so that you don’t burn them. However, if you use the lowest settings in the dehydrator for the basil, then it is improbable.
Things to Keep in mind
  • Dried basil has extensive use in various recipes from across the world. So store them up and keep exploring the cuisines.
  • Don’t always try to replace the fresh basil with the dried ones, as they both are not always interchangeable.
  • You have to store the dried basil in excellent and dry conditions to maintain its essence for the longest of the period.
  • You can also get innovative and try seasoning things up with the dried basil and see how they taste.
  • Moreover, you can dry out other similar herbs with the same methods as mentioned above.
  • Basil has a powerful aroma and flavour, so make sure that you don’t overuse the herb.
  • Furthermore, you can dry out various herbs and mix them later to form a wonderful dried spice mix for seasoning or even in a sauce.
  • Don’t overheat any electronic device in order to rush the drying out process, as it might burn the herb.


These were the simple and easy methods to dry out basil that we explained in various methods. Follow the steps for drying out basil carefully to get the best results and enjoy the tremendous aromatic herb! You can try to dry out other herbs as well and use them as seasonings too. However, keep in mind that with other herbs and veggies, the methods may slightly differ.

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