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How Technology Changed The Video Editing Over Time

Technology has undergone a sea change, and it’s not something new to know that it’s been implemented widely due to the benefits it provides. Technology has been implanted in every sector you can think of, from transportation to healthcare and media to journalism. When it comes to the video editing industry, technology is greatly appreciated. The placement of the technical tool for editing, post-production, sound designing and many other activities has won over hearts.

Gone are those days when there used to be a struggle and extreme brainstorming to perform editing. With the help of a tech tool for editing, now you can easily reach your aim. Many video editing software is available to make a change and turn impossible to possible. Using the editing software, you can now perform whatever changes and additions you want to reveal your videos in a better and perfect manner.

So, with your today’s post, we will explore how technology has changed video editing over time and how it is only going to get better!

Technology innovations that have given wings to editing:

  • Non-Linear editing

Earlier tools like scissors, trimmer and tape were used for editing. But, now, with the innovation of non-linear editing tools, computer devices are widely used. In the previous time, when linear techniques were used, the pictures and audios were placed in a chronological sequence for editing. It needed manual cutting with scissors and taping until editing machines were invented to ease life. The process of video editing was solely a business of hope. But, when the first electronic editing controller came up, things geared up. And today, with the advent of an online video editor, you can perform editing smoothly. All that is needed is operating the editing devices, which are packed with all the editing features one may need.

The new-age professional online video editor tool possesses premade templates and various kinds of audio, animation-based and visual effects to add life to your video content. Besides, they seamlessly perform activities like trimming and cutting to allow editing with utmost ease.

  • Video Quality

The video quality has also changed over time, and we are lucky to see videos in HD after all. If we looked back a decade ago, the video resolution has impressively increased to provide better video quality due to editing. Some years ago, Sony first revealed the 4K home theatre system, and now, we have a facility of seeing quality movies while sitting at our homes. The advancement of video editing technology is highly based on developing hardware that is designed to meet software requirements. 

  • Integration of AI in video editing

One may not have believed the use of artificial intelligence to drive video editing a few decades ago. But, now AI is driving video editing, video production and post-production activities. With the arrival of AI technology, editing is done more prominently. One of the most discreet examples of video editing with AI is algorithm based editing. Using this technology, time can be saved effectively while reducing the effort required for cutting and composing the footage. The AI-based software relies on the algorithm, defined by the editing team, to establish frames from multiple cameras to develop a picture in mind. 

Many professional-quality video editing tools extensively use artificial intelligence to gear up editing. Besides, many amateur video software also depends on AI technology for editing footage with less amount of effort. For example, with AI-based editors, you can flawlessly create social media videos in just a few minutes. All you need to do is upload the footage, put your choice of music and effects and then wait for the editing tool to perform magic to present you with attractive video content

Some video editing devices, combined with breakthrough technology, are capable of giving a whole new dimension to your video content. Such as, they can manipulate the script by removing phrases. The software works by mimicking and articulating the new script, which is revolutionary. Unfortunately, though, this technology is still not completely available to every user who does video editing. But, over time, this technology will be available far and wide. 

  • Visual effects

Visual effects have been used in movies for a long time now. Over the period, they have evolved in terms of realism and quality. To get a thorough idea about this evolution of VFS, you can compare certain movies from 2011 to 2021. If you look at a movie such as Hugo, which came a decade ago and the recent VFX based movie Tenet, you can differentiate the progress in VFX. This difference is pretty significant due to constantly emerging technological aspects. 

  • Colour grading
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It is one of the most enhancing effects in video editing when it comes to colour grading. In earlier times, colour grading was seen as a job of novelty, but in today’s date, video editors are good enough to do colour tweaking to transform things. Many online video editors have the feature of colour grading so that that colour can be worked upon for video clips, ads and movies. 

Prominent technologies in the world of video making:

  • Drone-based cameras

Drones are believed to be a game-changer for the film and video industry. Filmmakers from all across the globe are using drones to capture astonishing footage while eliminating the need of sending the camera operator to different positions and places. The best thing about using drones is that they are compact and, at the same time, are capable of recording high-quality footage. Additionally, they are easy to operate and require the intervention of a single person to capture viewpoints by just flying them. 

  • 3D printing

3D printing is immensely used to produce real-like props and costumes in films and videos. Costumes of famous characters in films like Thor, Queen of Ramonda etc., are some examples of 3D printing.

  • Algorithmic editing of videos

Algorithmic video editing is related to video editing using a schema or plan. A video must adhere to a premade roadmap when it’s about algorithmic editing. It can be defined as a method to crop and reassemble video material as per the blueprint. An example was seen in the movie “we own the night”, wherein an automobile pursuit occurred in the rain. Plus, the best thing is that all rain effects were made in the post-production process, thanks to algorithmic editing.


Technology has a massive impact on the video editing process. It’s understood that the editing remains the same, but it’s the technology that creates a difference. With technology like non-linear editing, new concepts took place. Moreover, with the changes in computer codecs, power and storage, it has become more feasible to do things on conventional systems, which earlier needed specific equipment. 

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