How To Go After More Senior Operational Roles

If you are one of those people who view their job as a career, you have a special relationship with growth in your industry. This kind of drive and hunger keeps you motivated to constantly give it your best in your work because you do believe that you have the ability to grow into the person you dream of being in that career. If you are in an operational industry, such as hospitality, supply chain, events, and sales, this responsibility may require a more human-centric approach coupled with the right professional tools. In this article, we will discuss how you can be an all-rounder in preparation for senior roles, how to attain those roles, and what to expect in them. Welcome to the senior management cheat sheet…

Great Seniors Listen, Try It

When you are in a mid-level or junior position, you often feel the pressure to showcase your skills and potential, which may mean having to constantly shine through your work. To prepare for recognition, you understand the amount of work you need to put in, and that will prepare you for senior roles. Start by listening. Listen to what your seniors say about the job, the way they handle different projects and manage teams. Great leadership skills often come from shadowing great leaders. When you show an interest in learning, you allow yourself space to sit and listen to your predecessors give you the code to being like them, if not better. 

Another thing as a strong upcoming leader that you will need to learn is to listen with the intention of solving problems where there may be any. Great managers understand that mistakes happen. You will have to be prepared to solve problems within the company and for customers because just listening is not enough. 


When looking to move to a senior position, decide whether that is going to be in your current employment or if you are looking to move companies. There may be an opening for a management position in the operations department you work in, or maybe you have been looking at making a move. You have to know what the ideal job you are eyeing looks like. What do you see yourself doing day to day? What problems do you want to solve? What are some of the industry changes you aim to make? Any impactful social challenges? A great leader is always thinking ahead and working towards not just serving the needs of the company. 

Another beneficial thing to do when planning to move up is to get feedback from your current managers, seniors and colleagues (if possible). Honest reviews of your capabilities will help you identify strengths and points you will need to work on to become better. Take every criticism as a shot at getting better and every compliment as a showcase of what you can offer to the senior role. 

While getting feedback and watching how others move in the senior positions you are looking at may help, you also need to remember to know your worth. Once you have put in the effort and work into becoming the senior manager you want to be, you will understand that it is not a once-off job. This means you will always be open to learning and growing, and growth increases your worth and tax bracket too. See what we meant about being an all-rounder? 

Look at what the industry is offering those in the position you are eyeing, look at the responsibilities and measure where you will be able to excel and where you will need more time. From there, you should get a general sense of how much you rank and deserve in the industry. 

Hone Those Skills

Management competencies often develop over time. However, mastering a set of tools for management success in a particular industry or business function can help you take on a more senior operational role confidently. Think about management online short courses that are offered by the likes of the University Of Cape Town. Whether you’re in supply chain, events, facilities, or even restaurant management, there’s something for you and more. 

Walk into that senior position with the right attitude, accolades and academic backing and watch yourself take the business or company you’re working for to new heights. 

Teach While Being Teachable

Great managers and senior position holders are always curious about everything, especially in their industry. They also enjoy passing on knowledge. So, train others that are in the same position or below for the same type of opportunities so that you not only have a team of like-minded professionals, but you also build a community and a legacy in the industry you are in. Growing as a team is another managerial aspect that sets you apart from other companies that just want to groom one leader to watch over the whole operations. Great leadership is team leadership. 

Final Thoughts, Be You

A senior position may feel like your calling; however, you may be feeling nervous about pursuing it. Hopefully, this cheat sheet has shown you how you can create a better plan of action for yourself to fill the shoes when the time comes or to simply go ahead and ask for it. Besides being well-versed in the day to day operations of the company or business you work for, understanding senior management skill sets will help you become the all-rounder you see in yourself. All the best.

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