How Will 5G Change Your Mobile Gaming Experience?

The 5th generation of mobile networks, most commonly called “5G”, is taking flight worldwide. Although the technology has been tested since 2019, the last two years saw a rapid expansion of this network worldwide. The new internet is about 100 times faster than its predecessor, 4G. Besides, it also offers a much stabler connection and nearly instant communication. What impacts can the mobile gaming community expect?

Fast Track

South Africa is the first country in the continent to implement the new 5G network. The rollout began in 2020, and according to estimates, it’ll cover 60% of the population by 2026. 5G is expected to fuel innovation in pretty much every branch of the tech industry, and many specialists already talk about a new “industrial revolution”. 

The step from the 3G to the 4G network already meant the evolution of the old MMS (multimedia messaging service). What could an internet 100 times faster than that provide? The evolution of artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and machine learning are only a few branches of computing sciences that are expected to leapfrog current limitations with 5G.

Online Gaming (Casinos, eSports, etc.)

The online gaming industry couldn’t be more excited about the changes brought by 5G. Thanks to its speed and stability, mobile gaming will become a frictionless experience for all parties involved. Also, developers and designers will have much more space to create intricate graphics and even more engaging gameplays, which gamers can enjoy on the go. 

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VR and AR games are set to gain even more space with the popularisation of headsets. We can expect the rise of virtual arenas and casino venues that go way beyond today’s online casinos. Additionally, live games will become the new normal since the limitations of speed and stability have been surpassed. You can browse trusted casinos at newcasinos.com and find the most modern online casinos available.

The eSports world will also benefit from expanding VR and AR gadgets and games. In this context, the combination of 5G and such gadgets can also change the way competitions are live streamed, offering the unique perspective of each player. 

The best smartphones can also access game streaming services like Google Stadia and Playstation Now. There, users can find games compatible with such gadgets and enjoy them as if they were straight from a console or PC. 

Here are some other changes that 5G is likely to usher in this field.

AI and Machine Learning

The gaming front will also benefit from 5G while playing in single-player mode. The development of machine learning and artificial intelligence for games means much more realistic characters, scenarios, and gameplays. 

Non-playable characters (NPCs) will gain much more independence and reasonably interact with other in-game elements. In games where players control entire teams instead of only one character, these, too, are expected to be more life-like. 

The End of Data Caps?

A 5G connection transfers much more data than the old 4G connections. It means that companies will have to revise their data caps. We’re even likely to see some companies removing those restrictions entirely in search of a competitive edge. 

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More In-Game Ads

OK, maybe that’s not the most exciting news for mobile gamers, but they mean more business opportunities for developers and brands. Also, forget about the traditional in-game ads, and behold the concept of DiGA: Dynamic In-Game Advertising. 

Cloud games, as opposed to downloaded games, can host DiGA events that go much further than those 15-second videos we have to withstand between one level and another and engage players with dynamic content. 



Games that include the players’ geolocation in their gameplay will also become more popular. Can you remember Pokemon Go and all the craze it was back in 2016? There are many more games based on Pokemon Go’s principles now. Expanding a faster mobile network is essential for this kind of game to thrive.


The video gaming industry is diving head-first into the metaverse. Titles like Second Life kickstarted the concept, and Roblox now attracts other audiences. Axie Infinity, Sandbox, and Decentraland are some of the most popular metaverse-based games. However, we expect to see an increase in the number of games of this kind shortly.

Press Play

The new 5G network is set to revolutionise several aspects of our daily lives, including communication and entertainment. However, precisely because we spend more time online, some precautions should be taken to ensure safe navigation. Always protect your IP address while gaming or doing any online transaction; you can do so by using a mobile VPN. Additionally, keep your antivirus updated against the most recent threats. After all, safety is a mandatory prerequisite for an enjoyable gaming session.