How to make money playing online games

Online games in which players have the opportunity to earn money are not too different from games without such an opportunity – in both cases, the player performs some actions determined by the rules and gameplay. Many people think that winning real money in a casino is unreal, but this is not true. There are many loopholes, such as bonuses. Everyone can try Juicy Vegas bonus codes and be certain they will win. However, in the first case, specific achievements can bring in-game titles and real money. 

Even though such a phenomenon as games without investments with the withdrawal of money, at first glance, it is somewhat alarming because it is pretty economically justified.  The primary income from the game, where users earn money, is brought to its creators by advertising. Developers share a percentage with users, receiving money from its placement in the game, and the difference becomes their profit. The scheme is the same as the casino. 

Ways of earning in games

There are several options for making money from games. They are determined, for the most part, by the specifics of the games themselves. So, how exactly can you make money playing games?

Conversion of in-game currency

This method is intended for competitions where the creators initially considered the possibility of earning real money by completing specific tasks. In this case, the player needs to complete various quests, receive achievements, and so on, depending on the game’s plot, for which he will be assigned a certain amount of in-game currency. In games with the possibility of earning, their conversion into money is built into the management system. This way, the in-game currency is exchanged for cash at the rate of the game creators and transferred to the gamer’s account or electronic wallet. And this cash you can use in real life.

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Sale of in-game currency and items on the secondary market 

This method is used if the game initially does not have the possibility of directly exchanging in-game currency for real. In this case, the player, completing missions, earn currency or receives valuable items. Then he turns to either the in-game trading function or to third-party trading platforms, where he sells his items and cash to other players for real money at a rate set by the market conjuncture.

Selling characters and accounts

This method is one of the oldest but, at the same time, the most labor-intensive. A gamer creates a new account and plays on it for some time, accumulating experience, currency, and valuable items. After it reaches a certain quoted level, the account and all the inventory are sold on third-party trading platforms. This method is relevant in those competitions where it is impossible to convert in-game currency into money or sell items on third-party platforms.

Pumping accounts

It’s a type of income prohibited in some countries. In this case, a person who earns money in games gets access to the customer’s account and plays on it until he reaches a certain level.

Blogging and streaming

it can be a separate income and an addition to those listed above. For streaming, you can use special services, for example, Twitch. With a lot of subscribers and viewers, you can earn money from advertising and also receive donations.

How much can you earn playing online games?

Earnings from games and casinos for different people can vary many times. For example, if you enter games without investment for 5 minutes from time to time, it is unlikely to bring even a thousand dollars per month. A person who is very interested in games can receive tens or hundreds of $1,000 per month. Such a person should also be able to play well and have good abilities. 

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You can earn money in games by selling inventory or other virtual things and participating in tournaments. There are international tournaments that can bring $1,000,000. At first, earning from games can hardly be called a full-fledged way of earning. But if you develop your skills and have the right approach, games can bring you a lot of money. It is worth understanding that you will have to risk money to develop the account at the beginning. It also takes a significant amount of time. 

Pieces of Advice

If you still decide that you want to earn money from games and monetize your hobby, then you should follow a few tips. After all, if you think that you can play one game and become a millionaire, then nothing will happen. You have to be patient and be able to follow the rules:

  • It is worth understanding that investing your money in account promotion is worth it only when you are sure of the game and that you want to continue doing it. After all, if you invest money in your account and promote it for a month, for example, and you get bored, it will be a waste of time and money;
  • Familiarize yourself with the referral programs of the projects. After all, you can earn much more on active reports than playing on your own;
  • Do not try to accumulate money in the game. Instead, it’s better to deposit your winnings regularly. No matter how reliable the game is, you still shouldn’t trust your winnings to virtual projects;
  • If you haven’t found one reliable game you like, you can try to play several of them simultaneously. In this way, there will be a smaller chance of losing all your earnings, and later, you will understand which game you like more;


After a few years, the gaming industry’s future appears to be firmly and for a long time connected with significant finances. Earning from online games is possible if you devote enough time to them. However, to win in future games, you should take risk and invest. There are also games without investments, but spending a lot of time is necessary to start bringing good income.