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“Numbers” Casino Games

Nearly all casino games are based on numbers. Even card games like baccarat and blackjack give their non-numbered picture card numbers. This implies that math is essential for casino games because they all use numbers.

However, many casino players are not aware of how casino games work. Most players make wagers that the numbers would tell them are poor. Remember that every bet you make is a number bet because numbers are the primary purpose of casino games. Even as you enjoy the impressive graphics and gameplay mechanics, remember that numbers are involved. Let’s look at some casino games and how the numbers work.

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In an ideal situation, a hit on a number in American Roulette’s double-zero wheel should be 37-to-1 and 36-to-1 on the European single-zero wheel. But, in reality, a hit on a number pays 35-to-1. The difference in numbers shows that one roulette variant is better than the other.

Remember, dollars and cents make lots of sense to top casinos like Betway. Therefore, they should make sense to casino players, also. If you wager with the wrong numbers or house edge percentages, you will not get value for your money.


Craps is a casino game wholly based on numbers. The game has 11 numbers, i.e., 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12. These numbers are on two dice, each having six sides with six pits. The combination of these pits makes up the 11 numbers in the game.

Therefore, there are 36 possible combinations, and a game of craps exists within these 36 numbers. Most Craps players typically make combinations of bets. However, the more Craps wagers you make, the lesser your chances of winning.

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 When you make multiple bets, it is difficult to beat a game with a house edge. In this sense, you are better off making one bet because it significantly lowers your negative expectation.


Keno is simply a lottery game run by a casino. A Keno game draws 20 numbers between 1 and 80. The numbers are printed on balls and are usually drawn at random, like in other lottery games.

Additionally, the game’s administrator has a pay table that outlines the payouts for getting a set of numbers right. This means your payout is determined by the numbers you pick and the amount you wager.

Keno’s house edge is relatively higher than other casino games. For instance, most have a house edge of nearly 35%. Also, Keno differs from other lottery games in that it allows you to choose the numbers you’ll have on your Keno ticket.


Bingo is a top-rated casino game you’ll find on most top-rated online casinos like Betway. Players enjoy this game by buying Bingo cards. The cards have numbers arranged into a 5 x 5 grid with “B-I-N-G-O” printed across. This means that each number has a letter-number combination.

In a Bingo game, the caller will draw a letter-number combination from a randomizer. The numbers usually are printed on the balls. The caller calls the numbers as the randomizer draws them. When your numbers get called, you mark the squares on your card.

Suppose you get five numbers in a row: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally; you shout bingo and collect your win. The game has numerous variants that involve variations in patterns you need to draw on the Bingo card to win.   

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