The digital environment is evolving and changing at a dizzying pace, so digital marketing strategies are changing at the same time. That is why if you do not want your business or brand to be left behind, you must be current and know the digital marketing trends for 2023.

 Today we find ourselves in a market victim of product saturation, so we must differentiate ours from the others by planning a good branding strategy.


 Customer loyalty means that once a customer has purchased a product or service from us, he or she will continue to trust us and return to us. For some niches, it is critical, such as sites that provide paper help for students whose services are not in demand due to the active development of technology in the field of AI

 Our marketing strategies must “reward more” those who already buy from us, that is to say, that they benefit before or at a better price than those who are not customers. This philosophy has proven to be much less costly than capturing a customer from scratch, which is why brands are betting on it in 2023. A loyal customer will continue to bet on us and will not need to go to the competition. Apart from the fact that their purchase values will be increasingly higher, to the point of turning them into a fan of our brand, we will also be able to collect a lot of valuable information about their habits and needs.


 The video has become a fundamental part of content strategies, and it is a fact that big brands are betting on short videos. 

 The strategy of these videos is to go straight to the point and capture the user’s attention in the first few seconds. 

 TikTok began to stand out in this strategy, which Instagram joined with its Reels. This 2023 we are betting on YouTube with its YouTube Shorts, offering videos in vertical format of a maximum of 60 seconds and more monetization and reach options.

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 TikTok has become the focus for brands, which are investing increasingly in digital marketing strategies for this social network that bets on short videos, thanks to its popularity and the idea of reaching young audiences. Last 2022 it hit the boom, and it is expected that this next year its number of users will increase considerably.


 As one of the biggest news, apart from becoming a great source of entertainment and inspiration, TikTok has become a search engine for users, replacing Google. More and more users are searching for their questions or needs in this network, the audience between 18 and 24 years old prefers a more visual format, so TikTok or Instagram is replacing Google. 

 For this reason, it is necessary to create valuable content based on SEO on TikTok if we want to appear in the top search positions since Google is also starting to insert videos from this platform in its searches.


 This year the trend is to be authentic and close to your audience. We have the case of BeReal that is beginning to take importance. This application sends you a notification a day at different times, in which you have two minutes to make and upload your daily photo. This is a very innovative opportunity to show yourself closer to your users.


 The metaverse is one of the big trends of 2023. It is a virtual world where users can make their daily life routines, which we can access using virtual reality devices. 

 This offers us a new universe where to expand your brand. Although everything is still evolving, big brands like Gucci are already inside. To understand this, you will have to familiarize yourself with the NFT since Gucci, for example, has created a metaverse in ROBLOX and sold bags worth more than 3000 euros.


 The great protagonist of the trends of 2023 is undoubtedly artificial intelligence, which, by investing in it, will allow companies to save costs and accelerate growth. We are facing a tool that will revolutionize marketing. Currently, the generation of content will also take more importance in areas such as SEO, as it studies trends more accurately, being always up to date with changes in search engines.

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 Me, you already know that it is one of the pillars to manage any marketing strategy. And this 2023, companies are expected to invest much more in the knowledge and needs of their customer through the processing and structuring of data, not only in its collection on a large scale. Information is very valuable for marketing teams to engage customers and offer them what they need at the right time.


 Over the past year, we have experienced several changes to protect user privacy and measures taken by Google and Apple, which platforms such as Facebook have been quite affected. Consumers are increasingly concerned about using their personal data and demand greater transparency, so brands are increasingly committed to providing this transparency and generating more trust.

 This is why, in 2023, they will bet on data obtained first-hand and invest in managing and unifying each user’s data to work in a future without cookies.


 Many of the marketing actions and processes are done manually, which ends up being quite tiring. By 2023, marketing processes are expected to be automated, saving much more time and giving much less room for error. 

 Nowadays, we have resources that allow us to automate any type of campaign. For example, in the case of bids, it is intended to make them intelligent and adjusted to the results already obtained. Still, of course, the specialists will have the margin to make the changes they consider appropriate.


 Thanks to the new trends in Digital Marketing for 2023, we have a year focused on the user, offering authenticity, transparency, and adaptation to new formats and technologies.




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