A Guide To Power Exchange: Understanding The Sexual Fantasies Of A Submissive Man

Men are highly sexual beings with an assortment of seemingly endless fantasies! However, with societal pressure and constraints, the vast majority of men are unable to freely express their sexual kinks, resulting in lackluster sex and unfulfilled fantasies!

Most men hide their submissive side as those traits are perceived as weak and unmanly. However, this prevents so many men from living out their best sexual lives. By understanding the various kinks of a submissive man, you can give them the most thrilling experiences each time!

Here are some common sexual fantasies that many men are crazy about:

  1. Body Worship

This fantasy is one of the most prevalent ones amongst men of all types. 

The act of worshipping their partner’s body and being devoted to them is one of the strongest forms of submission. Body worshipping can include specific body parts like feet, vagina, armpits, belly button, etc. 

The most effective way to have your partner worship your body is to build up the tension and do it slowly and sensually. This is bound to drive your man crazy, which will lead to an enthralling night!

  1. Pegging and Anal Play

You would be surprised to know that there are so many men who fantasize about getting stimulated anally through gentle massages as well as rough pegging!

Pegging is when a female uses a strap-on dildo to penetrate their man’s anus and pleasure it. The act of pegging shifts the power dynamics towards the female, making them in charge of their man.

Anal play can also result in men having enhanced climaxes, making it all the more intriguing to try.

3) Role Playing

Role-playing is one of the most common fantasies between couples. However, several ideas are perfect for a submissive man!

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Some interesting submissive role-play ideas to spice up your sex life are:

  • The ‘Classic’ Slave and Mistress Roles

In this, the female will act as the mistress of the slave (our submissive man). Throughout the whole event, the slave will have to obey every order of his mistress. These orders can include body worshipping, BDSM, physical and verbal humiliation, etc.


  • The ‘Feisty’ Boss and the Timid Employee Trope

A situation where the man who acts as the employee has to do anything to keep his job. From running errands for the boss to being their footstool, they have to do it all!


  • The Hot Prison Guard and the Convict Roles

This situation involves the man doing the bidding of their female partner who assumes the role of a prison guard and exerts their power on him.

If role-playing is something that you have wanted to try but are too embarrassed or under confident to indulge in, then you can hire an escort to help! 

Professional escorts from Listcrawler can assist you as you try role-playing. They can help in building your confidence to ensure hot and steamy role-playing!

4) Humiliation

Believe it or not, some men love to be belittled in bed. They are excited when their macho status is stripped away from them and replaced by both verbal and physical humiliation.

  • Verbal Humiliation

Submissive men go wild with ecstasy when they are verbally humiliated. This can include being called insulting names such as, “bitch”, “pussy”, “sissy”, etc. or being made fun of by their characteristics such as the size of their penis and so on.

  • Physical Humiliation
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Contrary to verbal humiliation, physical humiliation involves acts such as doing an embarrassing dance, being whipped and even writing degenerative words on the body.

Humiliation is an important aspect of the whole power exchange and can elevate the level of sexual pleasure for both partners.

5) Cuckolding

This is one of the most extreme forms of submission, but in recent years, cuckolding has gained steady popularity amongst men.

Cuckolding is the act where a man gets turned on when his wife or partner has sexual encounters with other men. They may choose to watch their wife having sex with another man or might be out of the picture altogether.

However, not all submissive men are into cuckolding. So, it is important to have a word with your partner to ensure that no mistakes are made!


Venturing into the submissive aisle of men’s sexual fantasies is not the easiest task. There can be feelings of shame, guilt and inadequacy attached to those kinks. In some cases, the wife or partner of submissive men might find it difficult to fulfill the desires of their partner. This is where you can bring in a professional escort to help!

An experienced escort understands the needs of her clients and knows the best ways to satisfy them. They can help teach couples how to sexually satisfy each other while building their confidence to experiment with their heart’s desire!

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