An Overview of the 7 Best Boxing Movies

Someone once said, “Boxing is like ballet where there is no music or choreography and where the dancers strike each other with blows.”

Boxing has only grown in popularity over the years. More and more punters at non GamStop bookmakers are discovering the countless benefits and versatility of this sport.

The popularity of boxing has naturally influenced culture and entertainment. Just think of the big fights that have been broadcast live to the farthest corners of the world in recent years, such as the fight between McGregor and Mayweather. This was also the most expensive fight in boxing history.

But why do people love to watch boxing and place bets on boxing at non GamStop bookmakers? No, it’s not because people genuinely like to see violence. However, the drama surrounding the whole thing is the reason. In many sports at non GamStop bookies, the athletes only put their pride on the line. In boxing, the athletes put their bodies on the line. So from the viewer’s point of view, boxing is more exciting.

Big boxing movies of the past that received a lot of media attention helped to popularise boxing and then that growth in popularity produced even more boxing movies, to the point where these movies are a genre of their own today.

It’s not hard to find a good boxing movie. From Charlie Chaplin’s comedy films to documentaries and dramas. This martial art seems to feel right at home on the screen.

Boxing and martial arts have attracted so much attention for half a century that a movie genre has been named after it: the boxing movie. 

A movie buff or an aspiring boxer can also watch films that chronicle the lives of boxing champions themselves because of the leather aspect.

1. The Champion

This American silent film was directed in 1915 by Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977). It shows the headstrong newcomer becoming a champion and showing off a fine piece of boxing.

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We all know Charlie Chaplin, the legendary figure. He was one of the key players in the history of cinema in the twentieth century, appearing in more than 80 films over a career spanning 70 years.

In this movie, we see Challenger, a hobo, put on boxing gloves to take on the role of a fighting partner (training partner willing to help a champion prepare for a match for a small fee) against boxer Bob Uppercut.

But when Challenger sees Bob Uppercut defeating all his opponents, he begins to regret his brave decision.

When it comes time for Challenger to go into battle, we see him sneak a horseshoe into his glove. The tramp then becomes a boxer and takes the challenge in one final fight.

This movie does not describe boxing history but is very entertaining!

2. Rocky

Rocky is a movie that has become both legendary and famous.

Rocky is a spin-off film series that has been made since 1976. They trace the steps of an imaginary Italian-American boxer Rocky Balboa who makes it the boxing world champion from the poor and overcrowded neighbourhoods of Philadelphia.

Rocky Balboa is the most famous boxer in the movie world. The films play from the Reagan years (1980-1988) to the present day. The film series pays homage to real-life boxer Chuck Wepner (who almost defeated Muhammad Ali) while simultaneously portraying the American dream.

Rocky was nominated for ten Oscars and won three. More than 40 years later, the film is considered a classic. It is definitely a must-see for any boxing enthusiast. It would even be strange if you never heard about this movie!

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3.The Hurricane

The biographical movie Hurrican Carter was directed in 1999. It describes the difficult life of the boxer Rubin Carter (1937-2014). While making himself known to the public, the middleweight boxer learns of the world’s doom and descends into hell (supposedly).

When it was released, the film was well received. The Hurricane as a human being is packed with drama just as it is in boxing. In 1963 he was ranked in the top 10 and he continued to achieve the impossible: he even became a candidate for the world title.

Its popularity continued to rise until he was charged with a triple murder in 1966 in 1967 and also in 1976.

4. Girlfight

This movie was released on 29 September 2000. It puts women’s boxing in the spotlight by depicting a young woman who has a painful past and who comes from a socially disadvantaged background.

The woman, Diana Guzman, hails from Brooklyn and has a suicidal mother and an abusive father who is an alcoholic. She has already been expelled from several schools but finds boxing classes as a haven to get away from the vicissitudes of life.

5. Ali

Among all the films of “noble art”, Ali is the one you must see. The movie was released in 2001 and it takes place between his 1964 World Champion title, after his first fight against Sonny Liston, and his fight against George Foreman in 1974 in Kinshasa.

The film also indicates the activism of the undefeated champion who changes his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali after converting to Islam. He also had a close relationship with the militant human rights activist, Malcolm X.

Will Smith plays the role of Ali and delivers one of the best dramas about boxing and Muhammad Ali ever made. Smith gained about 30 pounds to approach the boxer’s weight. This movie also brought him his first Oscar nomination.

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