UK’s Opportunity Post-Brexit to Write New Rules and Attract Investment, Expert Farnoush Farsiar’s Viewpoint

“Brexit happened, and it’s undeniable that the past few years since the referendum have been  difficult for many across the UK,” says financial expert Farnoush Farsiar. 

She notes that since some of the complexities of Brexit are in the past, new advantages may  surface. Post-Brexit, the UK has a chance to write its own rules as an independent nation.  Farsiar reminds us, “We now have a unique opportunity to create a more attractive environment  for investors.” Farnoush Farsiar is a banking and investment expert with a unique perspective  on opportunities in the UK for businesses and investors. 

She adds, “The future of Britain post-Brexit may not be entirely clear. Nonetheless, this time presents new possibilities regarding trade deals and investment opportunities which could help revitalize multiple British industries.” 

Farsiar believes that now is the ideal time for UK companies to consider investment opportunities within the nation and abroad. Especially with the lack of action from government  officials and increased overseas market access, the importance of economic diversification while  upholding the UK’s current economy has never been clearer. 

Despite certain setbacks, there are multiple steps the UK can take to move forward and thrive in  its finances and more prominent industries like tech and tourism. Limiting crime can also help to  attract investments and uplift economic status. Places like Dubai set an excellent example for the  UK, demonstrating the power of utilizing primarily local talent and services mixed with foreign  

investment advantages. 

Nurturing local talent and inviting foreign capital while keeping company jobs and headquarters  in the UK will likely revitalize the economy post-Brexit and preserve the country for its inherent  noble qualities. The government has yet to take significant action, meaning the great minds of  the UK must stick together to uplift the country’s economic state. 

Investments Compared to Pre-Brexit UK 

Before the UK’s exit from the European Union, investors had access to a relatively large and  diverse range of investment opportunities. Investors had ample options, from stocks and bonds to  funds and private equity. In addition, there was the security of an EU-backed regulatory landscape. 

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Now that Brexit is firmly in the past, there are significant changes for UK companies and  investors worldwide. While much has yet to materialize post-Brexit financially, there are factors 

to consider that have the potential to stimulate more substantial economic benefits. 

One of the most critical potential changes is the ability for businesses to access various markets  now more freely outside the European Union. This allows them to create and expand international operations. 

There is also a new-found freedom to implement independent financial regulation. This was not allowed under the terms of EU membership. 

These factors of independence open a range of opportunities for British businesses and investors.  “It’s an exciting time to be in the UK and invest,” Farnoush Farsiar says, “as more options are now  open for businesspeople to create and fulfill.”

Post-Brexit Investments Status 

Farnoush Farsiar points out that there is no denying some persistent challenges in the nation due to Brexit. However, there are plenty of opportunities for UK businesses and investors if an  ongoing effort is enacted to diversify and re-invest money back into the nation. 

For example, there are currently new trade agreements and the potential to negotiate deals with  countries outside of the EU. This allows businesses to invest without worrying about tariffs and other restrictions. So not only are there diversified trades, but those trades will ultimately benefit  the UK business sector without as many barriers. 

Furthermore, several new tax incentives are available for UK-company investors, such as research & development tax relief and capital gains tax exemptions. “These attractive incentives  are worth considering as a part of any investment strategy,” Farnoush Farsiar explains. She adds that local and foreign investors can make the most of new opportunities post-Brexit and may  achieve financial goals more easily. 

Disparity in the System from the Emergence of FinTech and Cryptocurrency 

Aside from traditional banking and investment opportunities more readily available in the UK,  there are growing trends toward financial technologies, like cryptocurrency, throughout the  country. 

These new technologies challenge the status quo of banking and investing. In addition, they provide investors with more options outside the traditional system. For example, some major banks, such as Chase, are now offering online accounts with know-your-customer (KYC)  processes. 

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Cryptocurrencies especially can allow individuals to invest in various assets with ease. Again, this  is something that would have been impossible in the past. “Just look at the recent boom in  cryptocurrency prices,” Farnoush Farsiar says, “It shows how much potential there is for this new  asset class.” 

Benefits of Investing in the UK Today 

The combination of newfound freedoms and financial technologies stirs up a range of  opportunities for investors in the UK. From traditional stocks and bonds to cryptocurrencies,  there lies a variety of available options. 

As Farnoush Farsiar points out, the UK is now uniquely positioned post-Brexit. “Despite the  turbulence that Brexit has caused, this is a great time to invest in the UK,” she says. A few other potential benefits of investing in the UK now include the following: 

  • Higher number of tax incentives available
  • More stable economy, and 
  • Increased advantages due to new free trade agreements 

Perhaps most importantly, investors can rest assured that a solid regulatory system still protects  their investments. This was a significant element of being a part of the EU and will remain post Brexit. 

How to Attract Investment in the Post-Brexit UK 

One way to attract new investors is by offering tax incentives. “The UK has some of the most  attractive investment incentives in the world,” Farnoush Farsiar says. 

She explains that the UK is an attractive destination for companies looking to relocate due to two  primary factors: 

  • Strong infrastructure 
  • Business-friendly environment 

The government can now also introduce more favorable regulations for investors and businesses.  Examples include capital gains tax exemptions or research & development tax relief. 

Lastly, showcasing the UK’s success stories is another great way to attract investments post Brexit. By featuring prominent UK businesses and entrepreneurs, the country can publicly and  independently demonstrate the benefits of investing. 

Closing Thoughts 

Brexit has caused some disruption in the UK. However, it also provides a space for various investment opportunities and financial freedoms. While expert Farnoush Farsiar understands some  of the setbacks Brexit introduced, she notes the chance at a fresh start for people in the UK to gain financial independence and strength. 

To make the most of this new era, it is important to understand the current landscape and take  advantage of the corresponding incentives. This way, local and foreign investors can ensure a  prosperous future for their investments in the post-Brexit UK. In addition, local companies can  thrive in the new structure of the UK economy.