Benefits Of A WoW SoD Boost- All You Need To Know About When Opting For It!

The World of Warcraft Season of Discovery completely transformed the traditional contours of the game. We are sure that every WoW player will completely agree with this statement. A lot of new dynamics have been introduced in the game. Players might either find them difficult or monotonous. Well, this is where our WoW SoD boost comes into action. 

There are many benefits that a booster can provide the players with. Some of them include:

  1. Time and effort conservation of the players
  2. Players get a competitive edge in the game
  3. Players are able to achieve their goals without any hassle

However, these are just a few common advantages that a boosting comes with. Well, they aren’t limited to these. Specifically talking, there a tons of benefits that players might experience when they let a WoW Season of Discovery carry play on their account. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of opting for our World of Warcraft SoD boosting services. 

  1. Rune Engravings 

The World of Warcraft’s Season of Discovery has introduced various new enhancements in the game. Players can enchant their gear by using runes. For more details regarding the in-game enhancements, refer to the examples listed below. 

  1. Metamorphosis for Warlocks are now transformed into formidable tanks
  2. Regeneration for Mages is now enabled for healing allies

On choosing our World of Warcraft Season of Discovery boosting services, players can quickly adapt to these enhancements and all the other changes made in the game. This will automatically provide the players with an efficient, practical, as well as an integrated gaming experience. 

  1. Season Phases and Level Cap

All World of Warcraft players must be aware of the fact that the Season of Discovery is divided into phases. It includes various increasing level caps. Phase one in WoW Season Of Discovery begins with a level cap 25. Additionally, it also includes Ashenvale PvP and Blackfathom Deeps. Also, it is very clear that as you move forward in the game, all additional phases will raise the cap. Players will also be introduced to new in-game content as well. 

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Players might need help progressing through the newly introduced phases in the Season of Discovery. But our World of Warcraft Season of Discovery boosting services can offer them with some help. Players can easily and quickly progress through each phase in the Season of Discovery by letting a booster play on their account. Hence, this will guarantee the players of assured wins. Additionally, they will be able to access all the updated and newly released in-game content directly. 

  1. New PvE and PvP content 

This new Season of World of Warcraft, the Season of Discovery, includes various PvP events along with revamped raids. Some of the significant changes include the following ones.

  1. There is a new PvP event being hosted in the Ashenvale zone.
  2. There is a significant change in the Blackfathom Deep raid. It has now been reimagined as a 10-player raid. 

Dealing with these new PvP content and revamped raids isn’t as simple as it seems. Instead, it can be really tough and very time-consuming for all players. But there is nothing to worry about. The WoW SoD boosting services by Boosthive have your back. Our highly qualified boosters are experts in their fields. Players can prepare themselves for these new challenges by selecting a carry of their choice. 

Also, while watching the booster play on their behalf, players can learn all the required strategies and skills necessary for winning. Additionally, players will also get access to essential gear. 

  1. Class Changes As A Result Of Runes

World of Warcraft, players will know the effect of the Rune system on class roles. It has reshaped all the class roles. Also, certain classes have acquired new functionalities. Two prominent examples of class changes due to Runes are listed below. 

  1. Mages will now act as healers. Additionally, they will also diversify the traditional class roles.
  2. Warlocks can and will act as tanks from now on. 
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Instead of finding these new changes difficult, some players might find them a bit confusing. But the good news is our WoW Season of Discovery booster can help clear all your doubts and confusions. Players can master these no roles without any hassle and within no time. They can also learn all the required strategies for effective and efficient performance. 

However, this is only possible if they let our booster play on their account. Our experienced carry will also provide the players with appropriate guidance to successfully win these roles. 

Winding Up 

These were just a few main advantages of opting for boosting services in WoW Season of Discovery. However, the benefits of the same are more comprehensive than these. Instead, players will experience various advantages, including movement speed abilities, eliminating inventory and travel limitations, etc. However, it is not possible to mention and explain all of them in one particular blog. Hence, to get a taste of all the benefits of our WoW SoD boost, players need to choose one. For more details related to our World of Warcraft SoD and other boosting services, please visit our website at