Mexican actresses on Zambian tour

The two who were received at the airport by the mayor of Lusaka Mike Mposha said they were overwhelmed by the reception they had received. Silvia alias Paloma in the soap said she was excited to be in the country. She said the turn out of the people to welcome them was an indication of how art was transcending cultural barriers and establishing links between people. Her compatriot Annette (Barbara in the soap) said the response of the Zambian people to their trip was a sure sign of the humanity of Africans who were ready to welcome foreigners from far and wide. Mposha said the visit by the two was most appropriate as it concides with the Zambia campaign that was currently being promoted. Silvia and Barbara are on a tour of Africa under the initiative if television station Muvi TV. During their tour, the actresses will visit Namibia, Seychelles and Kenya besides Zambia. In the soap, Silvia plays the role of a young coffee picker with great aspirations that serve as a driving factor in her life. Silvia inadvertently meets and falls in love with the Diego grandson of Don Lorenzo the owner of the coffee plantation on which she works. Annette play the role of Barbara, the wife to son of the coffee plantation on which Silvia works and does not like the fact that a lowly born person like Silvia could start making such strides in her life. During there visit in Zambia, the pair will visit some tourist sites in Livingstone, hold an actors workshop at The Post Newspapers offices and visit the Mapode Orphanage in Kanyama. ‘ allafrica.

May 2006
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