Rail firm seeks to increase cargo target

This was disclosed at a meeting between Mozambican government officials and the operators of various undertakings involved in rail and port traffic. The meeting was called to exchange information on the current state of the infrastructure and ways to overcome the lack of communications between the different operators. Mozambican government Transport Minister Antonio Munguambe noted that the Mozambican rail company CFM is now rehabilitating the Ressano Garcia line to allow the full use of its potential. The work is to be completed before the end of this year. “Those operators who had any doubts about the capacity of the line were informed that they can now use it safely. Those companies that have infrastructures in the port had the opportunity to show that they are there and those whose undertakings depend on them can go ahead and invest,” he said. For his part, the director of the Mozambican customs services, Barros dos Santos, said that increasing the capacity of the Maputo corridor, installing high quality services in the area of Ressano Garcia, and enhancing the use of the port will facilitate trade and render the corridor more profitable. CFM told the meeting that it is targeting an increase of the volume of cargo handled by the railway from 2.1 million tonnes in 2005 to 2.5 million tonnes this year. A key problem is that the deal to farm out management of the Ressano Garcia line to a consortium headed by the South African rail company Spoornet fell through. After the consortium failed to start its operation of the line, the lease was cancelled last year, leaving CFM on its own to rehabilitate the railway. Had Spoornet been involved in running the line, it would have had a strong incentive to attract more South African traffic to Maputo.

May 2006
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