I am a proud Survivor

As the world settles to watch Survivor, one of the most talked about reality shows on DStv this month, Karipi has told The Southern Times that all the Survivor Africa contestants in Panama’s Peal Islands were there to emerge victorious, “so everything we shall be seeing will be an experience not only to the viewers but also to me”, she said.

The 12 contestants were from Ghana (one) Nigeria (three), Kenya (one), Ethiopia (one), Zambia and Zimbabwe (two each) and Botswana (one). In the series which was shot in July, the contestants will be using their wits to survive on the Pearl Islands for over 20 days. The last contestant standing will receive a US$100 000 prize.

The 12 will be voting each other out during the course of the show like any other reality show and the winner will only be announced in November. Although the events have already happened, Karipi says no one knows how they were voting each other out and neither do they know who is likely to win.

“The bottom line is that I had to be myself to remain in the game and I am actually keen on watching the all episodes in order to know how others viewed me. Whatever I did I know that was the real me, as long as I survived,” said the 29-year-old Namibian.

Already Episode One has been shown where the contestants have been divided into two tribes while Episode Two started this week with the voting-out process also beginning.

“On the first day, the scene was breathtakingly beautiful and one would think one was on holiday but after our boat capsized in Episode One, I knew it was no joke to be a survivor. From there on, the challenges were so pressing such that we all lived hoping that the next day would be a better day,” Frida said.

Deep in the Central American jungle, contestants will endure hunger, insects such as sand fleas, mosquitoes and spiders; and probably be subjected to many sleepless nights and other forces of nature, besides their own mortal deficiencies. There will no doubt be plenty of back-stabbing and deceit too, as viewers get assured of twists and turns in every episode of Survivor Africa: Panama on M-Net.

Survivor is not a live reality show like Big Brother Africa, because “with this one, even if you were a contestant you will not know the final winner until the last day and I am even blank on who might emerge with the US $100 000”, explained Frieda.

The show is modelled on a Robinson Crusoe sort of setting or rather a Swiss Family Robinson shipwreck situation minus the family affection and plus a lot of character clashes meant to bring out the bitchy cat in the contestants.

The 12 will be forced to work together on certain chores in order to survive true to the game’s name, and also work against each other in order to become the eventual winner.

September 2006
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