Kolberg leads Air Namibia Inter-Series

Ronnie Adams (NAM) on his Suzuki won the holeshot and took the lead, but had to surrender to Ross Branch after 4 laps. Ronnie was now eager to stay in 2nd place but in the end had to give way to Benjamin Kolberg. Tommi Gous in the meantime passed Steffi Laier (Germany), who however stayed second best 125er rider in this field.

In the 2nd heat Adams again won the holeshot and Ross crashed. When he got his bike going again, the pack was already gone. And that is when Kolberg grabbed his chance. On his K’lling-Yamaha he got past Ronnie and kept the lead up to the finish line. Gous, Laier and Keith Weaver battled for positions behind Adams. Steffi Laier on her KTM fought well and reached the finish ahead of Branchfor a well-deserved 4th place.

The other races also offered great racing. In the 50cc Zenner class Matthew Nederlof won against Michael Barlow.

Mr. Maximum, Mark Sternagel, lived up to his reputation and won all three races in the Radi Electrical /Sternbau 65ccm Class. Eric Garbers was able to reach the finish line 3 times in front of Pauli Loots, leaving Tyrone Pieters only 4th place.

Top racing sport was offered in the Bar One 85ccm Class with the expected titanic-battle between Geoff Erasmus, Jaco Loots and Eckhard Hall with Hall emerging as the winner.

The Bar One Clubmen’s Class also had international participants. Three heats, three different winners… the spectators could not ask for more! Henner Rusch on his strong Husaberg, won the first heat ahead of Ruhan Gous and Carsten K’lling (Germany). In the 2nd heat, K’lling secured himself 20 important points after exciting battles with Tony Viljoen and Henner Rusch. The 3rd heat was to be the all-deciding one. Tony was able to assume the lead after some spectacular duels, leaving only 2nd place for Henner Rusch

Pearce van Wyk won the Paramount Healthcare Quad Class B; Eugene Slippers and Marko R’bke filled the remainder spots on the podium.

The IN YOUR FACE MARKETING Quad Class A was won by Ronnie Adams and he also won the special heat of the Bar One King of the Quads ahead of the quick rivals Jean Venter and Rodney Davis.

In the Clubmen’s Class Dennis Raines won the Air Namibia-Trophy and Gavin Murgatroyd and Riaan Fourie landed on 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The Powder-Puff Extreme Quads race for women was won by Maike Borchert, ahead of Comine Bruwer and her sister Bollie Bochert.

November 2006
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