STYLE MADE SIMPLE – Winter Hair Essentials

Your hair does not stay the same your whole life.  Hormones, pregnancy, medication and time all change your hair.  Knowing your hair type can save you from wasting your hard-earned cash on products that aren’t right for you.  Over the years you have probably been told by a stylist or a friend that your hair type is this or that.  But, just like your skin, your hair condition changes too.
Your hair type depends on the porosity of your strands; that is how much water it holds.  As well as on elasticity; how easily hair breaks.  Colouring, chemical processing and heat or manual styling all change the condition of your tresses.
The cold temperatures drain the moisture from your hair.  Therefore, it's important to protect the hair from moisture loss, especially if you look to lace wigs, weaves and extensions for survival.  As these will keep your hair protected from the harsh weather, giving your scalp a break and allows your ends to recover.
Your natural hair is preserved by keeping it covered under a lace wig, which you can take on and off.  Micro braids are great for the chilly seasons.  The ends of your hair will get some rest, and you will get a chance to moisturise with braid spray and serum.  Wear a silk scarf under a woollen hat or make sure that your hair is clear out of the way before wrapping the scarf around your neck.
Offices with air cons dry out your hair, therefore condition your hair, or get hot oil treatment at least every two weeks.  A Moroccan hot oil treatment keeps your extensions looking shiny and natural, and helps maintain your own tresses.
Heaters and heated spaces are already dying out your natural hair moisture; try to avoid flat irons, dryers and curling irons where possible.  To avoid a receding hairline, don’t tie your braids up too tight into a bun.  Give them a rest, and allow them to flow freely.
To maintain your hairline, avoid keeping weaves and braids in for too long.  I recommend keeping a weave in for three weeks and braids in for a month at most, to stop hair from locking at the ends.  Condition your scalp weekly, and refresh or replace braids to maintain your hairline and have a scalp scrub immediately after removing any extensions, this includes braids.  The scalp scrub helps to remove all the dead skin and helps your hair retain moisture and keeps it well conditioned.
Cornrows too, will help your hair grow especially your hair line.  Try cornrows at the front and keep the singles in the back.  It prevents severe hair breakage.  Cut down on the amount of times you relax your hair.  The growth can cause some serious damage to the comb, but instead of relaxing every two weeks, rather have more treatments or a hot oil treatment.
Relaxers not only dry out your hair, but the chemicals decrease the natural moisture your hair produces.  I recommend relaxing your hair once every two months at the very least.
Winter may be blue, but your hair doesn’t have to.  Just remember more moisture and fewer chemicals are the key to keeping your hair looking fabulous.
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