African Pick Up Lines


So you have spotted that attractive somebody across the room. You want to get to know them but how do you approach them without looking like a fool? What can you say that will make them pay attention to you?  Cue in the “pick up line”.  Pick up lines are the conversation opener when approaching a stranger you want to get to know. 

They can make or break a conversation. In the world of dating, pick up lines are the passwords/codes that can lead to a potential change in relationship status. We have all heard them, even used them to make that initial contact and as they go can be sweet, flattering, funny or downright insulting.  

Inspired by WuMaame TV, which produced an African pick up line series, find below a host of out African pick up lines from various sources which have been used and abused. Read, laugh and weep.

The classics:

“Be my first wife.”

“I love you.”

“Hi Baby”

“Hello…what is your name? I’m… Do you have a husband?

The kissing sound…squeeza

“You are very beautiful. My father will call your father tomorrow.”

“You look very nice. I have 20 goats, 15 cows. Together, me, you, you and me what do you say?”

“I have an American passport. Be my first wife.”

“Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again”

The Bizarre:

“Wanna go for a drink? I have a foot fetish?”

“If you were a burger at McDonalds, they would call you McMe. I want to mac you.”

“Baby you are so fine. I have to tell you something. Can you be the icing on my doughnut?”

“I knew your mother, father when you were a baby. Now look at you. Fine girl. Nice body.”

“Baby your beauty gives me rashes. Can you be my Vaseline?”

“Hey girlfriend. You are nice cockroach. You are the only cockroach in my cupboard. I want you.”


The Pidgin ones:

“My pastor told me that you are the one to develop my children”

“Baby, you are not going home tonight. You are looking take-away”.

“I give you key to master-bedroom”

“The two of us. We be like bread and butter. When we join together nobody can put us asunder”



“You must be tired because you have been running through my mind all day.”

“I need to concentrate on my work but you are so beautiful. I hope I made your day.”

“You’re so hot, you make the Kalahari look like a kindergarten sandbox.”

“You know you are so beautiful. Can you be the elastic in my boxers?”

“Babygal, you are the only mosquito I want to give my body malaria. Kiss my body.” 

“I have 15 cows, and 17 goats. Be my second wife”

“You are very beautiful. My father will call your father tomorrow.”

“I have British passport. Be my first wife.”

“How are you doing, lady? My name is… A lady like you deserves the finer things in life and deserves to be pampered like a baby's butt. I would like to take you shopping in Dubai, London, Paris, and New York. Can I take you out on a date?”

“How are you doing, lady? I am a banker at Zenith Bank. I am responsible for managing a fund worth over 10 billion naira. Can I take you out on a date?”

“Di motha of my future kids. Yesso! The mother of all my 21 future children.”

“My sweet plantain chip!”

“My garri and sugar.”

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