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Most Thrilling and Adventurous Shooting Games for Nintendo Switch

If you own a Nintendo Switch, you have ample options to keep yourself entertained throughout the day. People love to play shooting games because these games are full of excitement and thrills. When you are at home or getting bored, get into the entertaining world of good versus evil. You can play with the Nintendo Switch even when you are traveling. Play with it either at home or on the go. It is the favorite gaming choice for dedicated players and new gamers. Do you want to find some challenging shooting games for Nintendo Switch? If that’s the case, this blog post will focus on the best games for players who love to shoot with their Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a top gaming console. Nintendo Switch titles have revolutionized this by providing a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional shooting games. Furthermore, there are plenty of games available for you to enjoy on this handheld system. Let’s continue to check out the finest shooting games for Nintendo Switch and what sets them apart.

Most thrilling shooting games for Nintendo Switch

1. Neon White

If you’re looking for great shooting games for Nintendo Switch, look no further than Neon White. The game’s anime-inspired aesthetic and concepts immediately draw the gamer in. It combines traditional parkour movement with the use of supernatural action decks and fast-paced shooting. As a first-person shooter, Neon White provides a fantastic experience. The plot is insane, even by the standards of anime fans. It guarantees a fresh story and never fails to deliver. The varied cast contributes a lively dynamic and witty humor. Neon White piques the players’ curiosity, and they want to know more. The colorful aliases for each person provide a nice touch. Each individual is a lot of fun. The objective of the players is to guarantee White’s victory. Other assassination attempts are just as interesting because of the story twists.

shooting games for Nintendo Switch

Neon White’s fresh take on things is a reflection of the Nintendo Switch’s propensity to push boundaries. A match made in heaven: Neon White with the Nintendo Switch. The primary gameplay consists of navigating several levels by using parkour to overcome obstacles and eliminate foes. Magical abilities and weaponry are represented on cards. They’re the highlight of the Neon White theme. Intentional card destruction triggers each card’s special effect. Therefore, quick thinking is required. The protagonist is a hired killer who, while in a hellish place, is allowed to alter his destiny. The catch is banishing the hellish creatures occupying the heavenly realm. The same change has been afforded to other murders. Multiplayer experiences on the Switch are usually exciting, and Neon White is no exception.

2. Doom Eternal

The original Doom established the first-person shooter genre. Doom Eternal stands out as the best game in the series. The game has a massive single-player adventure where gamers battle demons throughout several realities to prevent the end of the human race. You have vowed to bring ruin upon everyone who dares to disobey you, making you something akin to a demonic slayer. The addition of two devils that the player controls is an interesting surprise in Doom Eternal. In such shooting games for Nintendo Switch, you’ll face off against different online shooters at high intensity.

shooting games for Nintendo Switch

The demon fighter upgrades his arsenal with new tools, such as a shoulder-mounted fireball and a wrist-mounted retractable sword. You’ll have more speed and power than ever because of your newfound ability to “double-dash.” You may get benefits by releasing demon guts, too. The demons you defeat may provide you with either health, armor, or ammunition. Once you’ve stocked up on weapons, you may face off against other evils in a multi-gaming experience. The one who survives the most battles against the demons is crowned victorious. When everything is said and done, Doom Eternal provides a great, unrelenting, and horrific experience that remains thrilling throughout.

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3. Metroid Dread

The Metroid series was developed by Nintendo and features action with adventure gameplay. The Nintendo Switch now has one of the best Metroidvania games. Fusion’s story is continued in Metroid Dread. However, this title has a far stronger sense of modernity. Like classic 2D games, this one has hard gun battles. However, you can experiment with a wide variety of powers and modify your weapons and armor accordingly. Samus has been investigating a mysterious transmission on Planetary Z.D.R. and has now been stuck there. Evil extraterrestrial robots called EMMIs and other artificial creations now rule the unreachable planet. Samus’s adventure puts players in either hunter or prey position as they make their way through a horde of enemies.

shooting games for Nintendo Switch

Together, the themes form the most challenging, trendy, and thrilling Nintendo games ever. In the annals of first-person shooters, Metroid Prime stands out as an exceptional example. Even though it came out in 2002, its impact on the gaming industry is still being felt today. You must return and give it another go. Even better, Nintendo has now released a remastered version of the classic on the Nintendo Switch, which looks fantastic. Metroid: Dread’s widespread praise is unusual for a video game. Players will experience a tense feeling of uneasiness as they go through the shooting games for Nintendo Switch. The soundtrack adds to the atmosphere of the game, making the threat seem more real. It is fun to go about on platforms and shoot bad guys because of the smooth controls and beautiful visuals.

4. Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 improves upon the previous game series by bringing together its strongest points. It’s possible that the strategy of “painting” the opponents has lost some of its luster by now. Shooters who have tried out the fourth installment of this entertaining shooter series have not been disappointed. The game’s multigame mode is challenging. You must use paint blasters to destroy your opponents and flood the playing field with paint. The game’s customizable features and various modes provide plenty of entertainment. Splatoon 3 is one of the few Nintendo franchises that best exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation and family-friendly design. The Nintendo Switch is more than a game system. It’s a way for the entire family to stay in touch. The Splatoon 3 is a fantastic example of fun shooting.


The fun shooting games for Nintendo Switch are fast speed and tight controls making for an enjoyable experience. Owners of switches shouldn’t pass up this opportunity. When participants start covering the floor and ceilings with paint, the fun begins. Players have greater freedom to move freely in the water the more of the map they fill with paint. When the shooter character’s hue penetrates the ground or a vertical wall, they transform to become an animal. There are drawbacks like increased damage and slower speed if the opponent’s color is used. If the player fills over fifty percent of the screen with paint, they can access powerful new weaponry. The core of Splatoon 3 is its navigation and battle systems. The whole effect is upbeat and joyful. Fun sound effects and visuals lighten the seriousness of any shooting in the game, proving shooting games for Nintendo Switch don’t have to be dark and gritty to be enjoyable to amateur and professional players.

5. Doom

There is no need to introduce Doom. It is widely recognized as a classic in the first-person shooter genre, and with good reason. The Switch provides a beautiful platform on which to experience the 1993 epic. The original Doom is still the best, even if it has been ported to portable devices before. The game mechanics are the same as before. Monsters from another planet have invaded your space station. You should get rid of them in the roughest, most extreme way possible. Most Switch owners are probably most worried about the portability of titles like Doom. There is minimal cause for skepticism about the faithfulness of the transfer from the first version of Doom. The shooting actions keep the players engaged throughout the journey. The weapons, especially the chainsaw, are fantastic. The Doom’s 2017 debut surprised many people. The game must be good and perform well. Doom on Nintendo costs less than your coffee. Therefore, it’s a total whim purchase. Some of the graphics suffer from a lack of resolution and quality. On the other hand, Nintendo systems run it perfectly. Doom Eternal, the sequel, is also playable on Switch. Therefore, among all the rebuilt shooting games for Nintendo Switch, Doom’s multiplayer feature stands out as the most impressive.

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6. Metro

Because of its unique features, the Metro series of shooting games for Nintendo Switch is highly desirable for every shooting gamer. You may experience fright, deception, thrills, and combat in the dramatic post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The game’s general tone and set elements are both excellent. The smooth transition to the Nintendo Switch makes this a fantastic game option.


Survivor horror shooting is the theme of the entire series. It was adapted from a best-selling novel. You’ll feel like you’re Artyom, the protagonist. He moves toward his goal of exterminating mutants who have become horrible monsters. It’s due to Moscow’s high radiation. Your life is in danger with every enemy encounter. The foes are dangerous, and resources are few. You’ll have to use your wits to make it through most situations. The Metro is an excellent first-person shooter. However, they have sexually provocative material, so parents should monitor their Nintendo Switch users.

7. Contra

The whole Contra series is fantastic. It has to be cherished greatly. It’s a shame how little credit it gets. So, let’s bring it to light and right this wrong. It’s no surprise that Contra is considered one of the greatest shooting games for Nintendo Switch. The gameplay in Contra is exciting and intriguing. The world as we know it has ended, leaving only a bleak wasteland. Strange occurrences that defy explanation are common. The series formula was drastically broken by Contra. It’s easy to see why some individuals were skeptical. The game’s fun-friendly characteristics helped the switch go smoothly. Plot equipment shields the characters from the post-apocalyptic supernatural illness. Everyone goes completely insane. The unexpectedly unique anti-heroes have nothing better to do than fight aliens and aggressive animals in combat. That sums up Contra very well. Because there are an overwhelming number of adversaries, players need to continually switch positions. You’ll need to return fire to top the scoreboard and earn points. We adore this game primarily for its charming silliness. The interactive experience is a nice bonus.


Final words

Try out some of these exciting first-person shooting games for Nintendo Switch. All these games are fantastic entry points for players interested in shooting and battling. The best shooting games ever made are now available for the Nintendo Switch. You may now choose from exciting Switch shooting games with the recommendations above. There are a lot of great shooting games for Nintendo Switch. There are many different types of games represented here. Your point of view determines how the game you’re playing develops. There is a wide variety of great games available on this device. The first-person shooter genre dominates the market. They put your skill to keep firing until your adversaries get reduced to mush to the test.

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