‘Sendekera’ shames critics

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka

HARARE – Numbers don’t lie so goes the old English adage! Perhaps this could be true of Jah Prayzah and Mafikizolo’s duet called ‘Sendekera’ which despite being ruled as junk song, has defied the odds by amassing a cool 450,000 views on video sharing site YouTube. 

From the outset the duet divided opinion on social media although within hours of its release it hit 70,760 views and after 24 hours it was angling for 100,000 views.

There were 3,200 likes against 96 dislikes.

In the absence of album sales as is the case in most southern African countries due to the sickening piracy, the only measure for popularity are views on YouTube.

And for a song that critics had ruled out as ‘junk’ to have those hits it only makes for interesting reading after it turned out that most people had watched the video.

Maybe critics got it wrong this time such that despite their condemnation of the video it still captured the imagination of fans.

As one tries to understand the logic of all this, there is need to look at the artistes involved.

Mafikizolo are a brand across the continent and their music influence is felt even in other continents such as America and Europe.

The ‘Khona’ hitmakers are an international act and they have a huge fan base which means that whatever they release is bound to reach as many fans as possible.

It really doesn’t matter what the track is but the fact that they have put out something new out there it simply goes viral.

That is the beauty of commanding a huge following on social media.

As for Jah Prayzah it is the same trick he used when he released his collaboration with Tanzanian Diamond Platinumz called ‘Watora Mari’ released in August 2016.

Suffice it to say ‘Watora Mari’ is now sitting on 4,8 million views on YouTube, making it an all-time high for Zimbabwean record.

It can be argued that there is still room for ‘Sendekera’ to gain more views and what this means is that Jah Prayzah is cashing in on his growing fame across southern Africa.

While his sales figures are not as impressive as they should be he can still make most of his money from YouTube views.

And his career has taken a new dimension from traditional contemporary to pop which is trending on social media and music circles these days.

At the end of the day it’s all about doing business and nothing else.

April 2017
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