Elemotho’s ‘Beautiful World’ an instant hit

Anastasia Paulus

WINDHOEK – Namibia’s internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, Elemotho was unable to contain his joy after news of his latest album ‘Beautiful World’ turning out to be an instant hit.

Just a month after launching his long-awaited 4th album last month at the Franco Namibia Cultural Centre in Windhoek, the album is already making waves across the globe – even before its international release.

The Kalahari-born singer shared his excitement with The Southern Times that ‘Beautiful World’ has been on the airwaves from Namibia, Australia, Greece, Spain, UK, Holland, all the way to the US and Mexico.

“There is nothing but praise from those who heard it, so I am humbled and full of joy at this reception. The album is still in its early stages of release, plus we would have to wait for the international worldwide release both in physical format and online as from 23 June to determine how it will do,” said the livid artiste.

The 11-track album has also received international rare review by one of UK’s foremost music critic Nick Gray under the “9Alternative” while Spanish newspaper El Pais also gave it prominent coverage.

BBC has also requested an audience with the Namibian, while Radio France International presented ‘Beautiful world’ to its listeners worldwide. “All these amazing news are incredible for me,” he said in an emailed response.

The album will be released to international markets by ArcMusic, a UK-based recording, licensing and Distribution Company that produces music from all over the world.

“They have put out a compilation of three of my previous albums worldwide and online, a project called “My Africa”. They will release Beautiful World internationally through their distribution channels both in hard copy and in most major online forums, i.e. ITunes, Spotify etc. So in essence they are helping me distribute and licence my music worldwide,” he said.

ArcMusic also helped Elemotho land a rare deal for two of his songs with Hollywood producers last year. The songs – Neo form his 2012 Ke Nako (it’s time) album and La Vida from Human (2008), are featured in Netflix produced drama series ‘Frankie & Grace’.

“Mind you my songs where not the only ones submitted, it is still up to the music and the Hollywood producers to decide if they like your songs or not. So again it’s back to likability and hard work from the artiste side. Since in the bigger world, the music business is very competitive and cutthroat,” he said.

Also in 2013, his song ‘Kgala! Namib’ from The system is a joke (2003) album was picked as the theme song by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in its bid for Namibia to host the 2013 Adventure Tourism Summit.

Elemotho is a regular feature on the international circuit. He just returned from his ‘Beautiful World European Tour 2017’ which took him to Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria.

He plays acoustic guitar and sings in his vernacular Setswana, and other Namibian languages including English. However, he does not categorise his music under any specific genre. He rather considers himself as a ‘performing artiste and musical activist’.

June 2017
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