ZANU-PF Congress maps way forward

Charity Ruzvidzo
The Zanu-PF Extraordinary Congress which kicked off Friday morning in Harare at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe Square has reaffirmed Emmerson Mnangagwa as the party’s presidential candidate in next year’s harmonised elections.
Running under the theme “Consolidating the Gains of Zim-Asset through Unity, Peace and Development,” the congress has set the tone for the party’s objective to foster social, political and economic development.
Besides affirming Mnangagwa’s candidature, the congress also endorsed the Central Committee position that the former vice president becomes the President and First Secretary of the revolutionary party.
In his inaugural address to the ZANU-PF extraordinary congress, Mnangagwa urged party members to be loyal and abide by the party policies, rules and regulations.
He said it was pivotal to use the party as a tool to drive economic growth in the country.
“Party work must not be in the old mould looking at Zanu-PF as being about politics, politics and politics only. Now we must be about politics and economics, after all the best politics emerge from the marketplace where livelihoods are made.
“We are committed to repairing broken relations desiring to rebuild the economy so it gives our people, especially the youths, and improves the living standards of all our people,” said Mnangagwa.
He said his office will serve all Zimbabweans regardless of political party affiliation.
“I am President of a united non-racial Zimbabwe, itself home to many tongues dialects, cultures, colours and age groups. I am a president of women and men, the young and old, the able-bodied and physically challenged, the rich and poor, the well and the sick. I am an emissary of all veterans and heroes, dead and alive who through their blood sketched the cause and mission my presidency must promote, actualise and advance,” he said.
Mnangagwa condemned regionalism, factionalism and the terms “G-40” and “Lacoste” saying they must never exist in the body politic of the party.
He also availed the party’s central committee report which is a record of the party’s activities since the last congress.
About 6 000 delegates are attending the extraordinary congress, which for the first time since the formation of the party in 1963, is without Robert Mugabe who has been at the helm of the party and government since 1980.
December 2017
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