17 Black Rhino Moved From South Africa to Malawi

British troops with officers from African Parks moved 17 black rhino, which are endangered, to Malawi from South Africa.

The British Ministry of Defense says this is the largest process of transferring rhinos internationally.

“17 black rhinos have been successfully removed and have been successfully released at their new home in southern Malawi,” CNN reported on Thursday, December 16, 2019.

The transfer process involved Battalion 2 Gurkha Rifles along with African Parks officers. This unique animal was brought from Kwazulu-Natal Province to Malawi.

These troops are indeed tasked to assist officers of the Liwonde National Park in Malawi. They are given the authority to block poachers, who target rare animals there.

They train national park officials on effective patrolling and information sharing techniques to fight poachers.

“Helping the process of moving the wild rhino ends our term of service in Malawi,” Major Jez England, Commander of the British Forces Against Illegal Hunters in Liwonde.

The ITV website launches that British troops have gained valuable experience by helping the rangers in the national park improve their ability to maintain a wider area. There are about 200 rangers who participate in training to escort animals in this national park to be saved from poachers.

According to data from the World Wildlife Foundation, there are about 5,000 step rhinos in Africa.

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