Top 10 Tourism in Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town, the capital of South Africa, is a port city located under the foot of Table Mountain. Surrounded by the Hottentots Holland Mountains and 2 oceans, namely the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, making it has a perfect landscape with mountains and oceans. If Trippers get the chance to the city located at the southern tip of the African continent, don’t forget to visit the following 10 places.


First discovered in 1488 by a Portuguese sailor, Bartolomeu Dias. This peninsula is famous as the southernmost place of the African Continent and is also known as the “Cape of Storms” due to heavy storms that often hit this region.

If examined geographically, the southernmost point is Cape Agulhas, +/- 150 km to the southeast. Therefore to explain this, the South African government put up the board “The Most South-Western Point of the African Continent” at Cape Point which became the dividing line between two oceans, on the right of the Atlantic Ocean and on the left of the Indian Ocean. It is on this famous board that tourists usually pose and this is “obligatory”. In addition, tourists are usually curious about the meeting of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean waters, and try it.

From here we can continue to Cape Point which is only 10 minutes by car or 1 hour on foot.

Opening hours: morning – evening
Entrance ticket: ZAR 300
To here: 2 hours by car via Camps Bay, llandudno, Hout Bay, via toll R28 (Chapman’s Peak Drive), train from Simon’s Town.


Is a nature reserve that is part of the Table Mountain National Park, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site. To reach the peak we can walk +/- 30 minutes through the stairs. A more popular choice is to ride The Flying Dutchman Funicular, much like a small version of a train. This funicular can carry 40 passengers.

The scenery presented above is truly extraordinary with the combination of sea and mountain. In addition we can also visit the old lighthouse tower or shop for souvenirs in the gift shop. Because this place is a natural national park, the activity most favored by tourists is hiking while enjoying the beauty of nature.

We can also stop by to eat at Two Oceans Restaurant which has a beautiful view towards False Bay because of its location on the peak. This restaurant is famous for its fresh seafood menu.

Opening hours: 6:00 to 18:00
Flying Dutchman Funicular operating hours: 09.00-17.30
Entrance to Cape Point: ZAR 303
Flying Dutchman Funicular tickets: ZAR 80 (PP)
To here: 2 hours by car via Camps Bay, llandudno, Hout Bay, via toll R28 (Chapman’s Peak Drive), train from Simon’s Town.


Is the most famous landmark in South Africa. It’s not complete to South Africa if you haven’t visited here. This place is also one of the spots for hiking with 350 trails, suitable if you like a challenge. If you want to quickly go up to the top can be with a cable car. Also take a walk on the trail to enjoy the natural beauty and Cape Town from above. Before going check the weather first on the internet so you can wear the right costume. The wind above is usually quite cold.

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Tips: Cableway is generally quiet in the afternoon, so it’s better to buy a ticket for the afternoon which is valid from 13.00. The best time to visit in summer (November-February). Cableway usually closes at certain times if the weather is not possible.

Opening hours: 08.00-20.30
Entrance ticket (including cable car): ZAR 330 (PP)
To here: City Sighthseeing Bus from Two Oceans Aquarium, MyCiti, taxi.


This place, located below the foot of Signal Hill, is also known as the Malay Quarter and is a Muslim majority settlement. The houses in this area are historical relics that were built in 1768 and are still preserved. We can study the history of these Muslim settlements with the majority of slaves who have been freed after the abolition of slavery in Africa by visiting the Bo-Kaap Museum. The price of admission to the museum is 20 ZAR. All houses have different colors and are very unique so that it invites many tourists to just take pictures.


Africa is famous for “The Big Five Game”. This term was originally used by hunters who specifically hunted all five types of animals. Now, by taking safari in the wild for 2-3 hours, we can see animals namely African lions, African elephants, African bulls, African tigers and African hippos.

We can take photos from the car, like in the Safari Park. The difference is the special car that is a half-open car that has a roof, accompanied by a driver and guide. The car will spin around in a large area and we can see some animals who are lying down and a leisurely walk. After that we get the chance to get down in a safe area and be treated to typical African wines.

The closest safari to Cape Town is the 10,000-hectare Aquila Private Game Reserve, located south of the Karoo region. Is one of the best facilities and services. Tickets can be ordered online or bought on the spot.

To here: 2 hours by car from Cape Town. Can go alone or if you want to be picked up can be an agreement with the operator for the pick-up point for an additional fee.


V&A Waterfront was built from a small jetty in 1645 by Jan Van Riebeeck as part of his work on making a resting station for the Dutch East India Company. At present this place has become one of the main attractions for foreign tourists.

If you like shopping, this is the place. Take time to enjoy the view while shopping at this beautiful dock. You can find various types of shops, from local brands to international brands. If you want to buy souvenirs, there are also typical African souvenir shops.

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Not far from this area, walk about 10 minutes we can find the museum and statue of the famous apartheid figure, Nelson Mandela.


If you go to V&A Waterfront, don’t forget to stop by Nobel Square near the V&A Hotel and Two Oceans Aquarium. Nobel Square is a statue of the figure of the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize from South Africa, namely Albert Luthuli, Desmond Tutu, FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela. These bronze-tall human sculptures are a tribute to the South African government for the four who have fought against apartheid so that South Africa can achieve democracy.

Opening hours: 09.00–21.00
To here: Take the MyCiti Bus


The beach, located in Simon’s Town, is protected by a bay and has a safe sandy beach, also home to a colony of more than 2,000 endangered African penguins. Lots of penguins roam the beach. Also enjoy a leisurely walk on the path that is available while looking closely at the spawning grounds and nesting of African penguins. A moment you can’t miss!

Opening hours:
7:00 AM to 1:30 PM (Dec – Jan)
8:00 AM to 6:30 PM (Feb – Mar / Oct – Nov)
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Apr – Sept)
Entrance ticket: ZAR 75
Here: From Simon’s Town you can rent a bicycle.


The city is located +/- 1.5 hours from Cape Town and is the second largest city after Cape Town which has a majority of residents from Europe. If you see as far as the eye, the city is surrounded by oaks so that it is known as the City of Oaks. This place is also a student city with its famous university, Stellenbosch University. We can also taste typical South African wines in several vineyards or wineries scattered around the city.

Recommended Wineries:
Waterford Estate, there is Wine Drive Safari
Molenvliet Estate
Delaire Graff Estate


This island is famous as a “home” for Nelson Mandela. To this island must take a boat with a scheduled departure at 9 am, 11 noon and 1 afternoon from the Nelson Mandela Gateway at V&A Waterfront. It is best to arrive 30 minutes early because this pier is always crowded with tourists. Allow 4 hours for the entire tour including taking the ferry.

To go to this island must take a tour. Register or pay first the day before or go to the dock too. After getting off the ferry, due to the vast area of this prison we will take a bus that will take us to historical places. Uniquely, the tour guide is a former political prisoner from this place. The highlight of this tour is a visit to prison cell number 466/64 that Nelson Mandela has occupied +/- 18 years.

Open: Monday-Sunday
Ferry ticket: ZAR 360
To get here: Take a boat from V&A Waterfront (boat duration crosses +/- 30 minutes).