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Can Use Herbs to Treat Cancer?

Herbal remedies for cancer are usually made from herbs. It can be from leaves, flowers, stem roots, fruit, or seeds. Then these materials are processed and packaged in the form of capsules, tablets, oils, ointments, or beverages in the form of tea. But is the remedy made from natural ingredients is definitely safe to be consumed especially for you who have cancer? This is the answer.

No scientific evidence of herbal remedies can cure cancer

Some believers, taking herbal remedies can heal themselves from cancer because these drugs are often called containing antioxidants and substances that are useful for curing cells. In fact as reported from the Cancer Research website The use of herbal medicine as a substitute for cancer disease until now can not be proved scientifically.

Cancer treatments that are currently known in the medical world are merely surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Need more research to be able to make herbal remedies for this cancer become a medical therapy recognized by the world wide.

In fact, the herbal medicines on the market only serve as promotive (maintain the health and fitness of the body), preventive (preventing disease), curative (escort treatment), and rehabilitation (recovering).

What to look for when you want to use herbal medicine for cancer

According to Cancer Research in the UK, 10 of those who have cancer 6 or approximately 60 percent of these use herbal remedies for cancer along with medical treatment. So, if you want to use herbal remedies for cancer, make sure you always consult this with a doctor, after consulting, you will know the answer whether the herbal remedy for cancer you choose may or may not be your consumption.

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Why is it important to consult a doctor? Because each type of herbal remedy is most likely to have side effects that you do not know. There is a safe for you to use and some are not. Even some of them are very risky as reported from Medical News Today.

You should remember that until now, the use of herbal medicine is only as a supportive therapy, not a major therapy in the treatment of cancer. So you should still undergo major treatment for cancer such as surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Tips for safe taking herbal medicines for cancer

Some natural ingredients used as herbal remedies are safe for consumption. Although safe, herbal remedies also potentially cause side effects both mild and serious in the body. The side effects are also indicated on the packaging. To avoid danger, here are the tips for safe taking herbal medicines.

  • Make sure to purchase products that have been enrolled in the health department.
  • Don’t forget to check the product expiration date.
  • Follow all usage instructions along with the dosage listed on the packaging.
  • Contact the consumer service of the product if you want to know more clearly about their product.
  • Before consuming it, make sure you consult your doctor first.

Herbal remedies can not be consumed by everyone. There are some people who should be careful or avoid the herbal medicine group. Do not take any herbal medication, especially if the goal is for treatment. You should consult your doctor if you want to incorporate any substance into your body.

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