South Africa: 6 Amazing Historical Buildings in Pretoria

South Africa is a large country located just at the southern tip of the African continent. Countries in the Black Continent also have a long history from the British and Dutch colonial times, to be able to bring down the apartheid political system in that country. Suspected of that, this country also has a myriad of interesting historical relics that can be visited, especially in the capital of Pretoria.

However, for those of you who like to travel history while witnessing the uniqueness in Pretoria, then consider some information on the historical buildings in South Africa below.

1. The Union Buildings

The Union Buildings is one of the popular landmarks in Pretoria or South Africa, because it is a residence and presidential office. This magnificent building is located in Meintjieskop, Pretoria which is on a hill, so that you can see an exotic view of the city, accompanied by a very wide park in front of it. While this palace has been built since 1910 and has a mixed architectural form between Dutch, Renaissance, English and Neoclassical styles.

This place has also become a favorite destination for tourists to witness the beauty of the building. As well as being able to enjoy the atmosphere of the surrounding park which is interesting and there are various monuments.

2. Ou Raadsaal

Ou Raadsaal is a historic building in Pretoria located south of Church Square, located in the city center. This building has been established since 1891, designed by a Dutch architect named Sytze Wierda. The architectural form of this building is very interesting in the Renaissance style and this building is also one of the cultural heritage buildings protected by the local government.

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3. Erasmus Castle

Erasmus Castle is one of the historic buildings in Pretoria in the southeast, precisely in an area called Erasmuskloof. This mansion house became a famous building in Pretoria and became a landmark because of its very unique shape. In addition, this house is used as a horror tour because there are many sightings and there are strange sounds at night around the area inside and outside the house.

4. Melrose House

Then there is Melrose House which is an ancient house which is also used as a museum and is located in Burger Parks, Pretoria. Building the house which was founded in 1886 became a historic place after being used as the main office of British troops during the Second Boer War. And then used as a place for the Vereeniging Agreement, which ended the war between South Africa and Britain.

This house is very unique that has a transitional style of architecture during the Edward and Victoria. This place also keeps various kinds of relics when the agreement is still intact until now.

5. Voortrekker Monument

Next is the Voortrekker Monument, located in southern Pretoria and the entire building is made of beautiful granite. This monument was erected to commemorate the Vortrekker or the Dutch language user community who went from Cape Colony in 1835 to 1854. Not only that, this monument is also surrounded by large parks around it and certainly has an architectural blend of European and African elements.

6. Palace of Justice

Finally there is the Palace of Justice building located in the city center, which is right in front of Church Square, Pretoria. This building was built since 1897 by President Paul Kruger at the time, which was also designed by Sytze Wierda. Formerly this building was also used as an emergency hospital by British troops during the Second Boer War, while now it is used as a high court in South Africa.

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Here it is a series of historical buildings in Pretoria, South Africa that are worth visiting, especially for those of you who like historical tourism. What do you think is the most interesting place to visit?