Africa: Undetected continent spreading Coronavirus

The spread of the Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV) continues to expand every day. The virus that has killed 259 people in China has spread to a number of countries in Asia, America and Europe. Australia did not escape this virus attack.

Only Africa, the only continent that has not been detected by the spread of this deadly virus. Countries in Africa are also struggling so that the corona virus does not spread quickly to this black continent.

Reported by AFP on Saturday (1/2), health officials in Africa said a number of African countries were not well equipped with measures to deal with the corona virus.

While several other countries have carried out passenger inspection efforts at the airport and suspended visas for Chinese citizens.

The health officer prepares a thermal scanner for passengers arriving at Blaise Diagne International Airport in Dakar, Senegal.

Such as Egypt, Morocco, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda and Mauritius have increased surveillance of migrants from China because they have trade links with the bamboo curtain country.

Although Africa is a continent that has not yet confirmed corona virus cases, according to the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of African Continent, John Nkengasong, several countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Angola, Botswana, and Ivory Coast, are suspected to have hinted at the possibility of infection.

“It is very possible that there have been cases that have occurred in the (African) continent which have not been recognized. This tension is great. I have not seen a rapidly developing epidemic like the one we face,” Nkengasong said.

Unfortunately confirming the corona virus case in Africa is not as fast as in other continents. This effort takes a long time because health authorities lack expertise. In addition, it must send samples to laboratories in more developed countries such as South Africa.

Meanwhile, Director of the Center for Global Health Policy from the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, J. Stephen Morrison, said the virus originating from Wuhan, China, is very risky if it reaches certain countries in Africa.

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Especially for Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea who have faced the Ebola crisis in 2014-2016. At that time, the Ebola crisis killed 11,300 people.

He warned the corona virus could cause a ‘global pandemic’ in Africa as it was during Ebola.

Airport check

The Liberian Health Institute called the spread of the corona virus a “disaster”. The head of the Liberian Health Institute, Mosoka Fallah, said the government had imposed a check on migrants at airports.

“Steps must be taken as soon as possible to prevent him from entering here,” he said.

The inspection of immigrants was also carried out at Blaise Diagne International Airport, Senegal. Health workers check arrivals with a small thermal camera before passport control.

“The first sign of this infectious disease is fever,” said Barnabe Gning, who is in charge of control at the West African country’s airport.

The doctor who previously helped with Ebola prevention said airport authorities had installed a corona virus prevention system starting last weekend.

According to him, the government has made a fast and appropriate policy. Moreover, the Senegalese government has conducted training in handling disease outbreaks in November 2019.

However, Gning warned that the use of thermal cameras was not enough.

South African authorities also continue to check the temperature of passengers at the airport and have set up 11 hospitals that will deal with emergencies if a virus appears that has killed 159 people in China.

Urged to Avoid Chinese Shops

Several countries in Africa have also imposed travel bans to increase awareness of the corona virus.
Concerns about the spread of the corona virus have spread in Nigeria since the beginning of this week. The authorities even closed the Chinese supermarket in the capital city of Abuja. But this effort is to monitor expired Chinese-made food products.

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Similar concerns also arise in Botswana. In fact, residents are prohibited from shopping at Chinese shops.

“The first thing is to avoid going to Chinese shops as much as possible,” said Mqondisi Dube, a resident in the capital city of Gabarone.

Corona Virus Drug Hoax

Unfortunately, the concern is that the corona virus is used by a handful of people for profit. Residents in Cape Verde are consumed by hoaks to immediately buy fennel / fennel plants.

Circulating news that the plant can be used as a drug to prevent and cure corona virus. Apparently the news was fake.

Fennel plants are indeed commonly used for herbal medicine and tea. The part that is usually used is the seeds. But until now there has been no information that says this plant can cure the corona virus.

The Cape Verde government is also investigating the hoaxes of viral drugs that have caused more than 11,000 people in the world to be exposed, and are asking residents to stay calm and maintain their health.

Entrants Are Urged Not To Leave The Home

The Nigerian government urges anyone who comes from China to isolate themselves for at least two weeks, even if not sick.

While the Chinese Embassy in Mauritania also asked its newly arrived citizens in the West African country to remain indoors for two weeks during the corona virus incubation.

In addition, Mozambique became one of the countries that imposed visa suspensions for Chinese citizens. The Mozambican government also prohibits its citizens from traveling to China.

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