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Can traditional African medicine trigger a positive drug test result?

As we all know from thousands of years Africa is a hub of traditional medicines and home of extensive & diverse medicinal plant life. The treatment with the natural medicines based on herbs & plants are the important key part of traditional African health & medicine labs. In this blog, you will know that Can traditional African medicine trigger a positive drug test result.

The term traditional medicines refer to the herbal & naturally plant & old time based drug which was developed with the belief, trust, experiences, theories, skills and practice which is only used to maintain a good health and to prevent all of us from multiple number of diseases either physical or mental sickness. As per the survey in today’s time also many of the African areas are totally based on traditional methods to improve their health condition because the treatments are affordable, accessible & accepted culturally.

Now the question arises: Can traditional African medicine trigger a positive drug test result?  So, we can say yes African natural medicine triggers positive drug tests. With this one more important thing upfront is that the normal human beings or the people of our country or others too are using this type of herbal or traditional remedies with the other prescribed medicines together. 

Famous universities of Africa are always focusing on this to get all the knowledge about the combination of doctor’s advised / prescribed medicines with the herbal traditional remedies.

Now we focus on how you can pass a drug test 

So, it’s definitely true that while self-assessment or medicating their own self many of the patients have taken overuse of this type of medicines by which they will suffer with severe health issue consequences. 

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Market covers many of the outlets & for this we have huge information about drug test methods & products. Apart from the sale on outlets we found a bunch of information on specialized websites. MedSignals is one of them which is easily accessible & provides you with a list of many products which trigger negative drug test. You can learn more about how you can pass a drug test in this article.

New detoxifying products for drug test are being released in the market & day by day becoming more efficient & faster procedure. You can check this within 24 hours from the time before you need to take a drug test. 

If we talk about drug testing methods there are 2 major methods:

  1. Drug screening through urine specimen
  2. Drug testing through hair sample

Similarly, for the more details where you can read more about this and home drug test kits, detox drinks for drug tests, THC cleanse kits & pills and so on. For that you can quickly go through this website and find answers for all your inquiries.


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