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7 Fashion Tips and Tricks For Men Visiting Paris

It is normal to see guys in Paris well-dressed, so when you are in the city of love, why don’t you style it up to impress some lovely Parisian ladies? You wouldn’t want to be so out of place, right? No worries though, Parisian styles are classics but casual. Here are some tips and fashion guides to know about when visiting or going to Paris.   

Start With the Basics

You need to know that the fundamentals in styling up like Parisian men are a collection of cotton tees, denim, and cashmere. Those staple basics will help you create your very own “Classy Parisian Look.” Although they might sound expensive, rest assured they are not. What comes next is how you will do the mixing and matching because that is the essential trick in achieving the style. 

Wearing Accessories

No attire would be complete without accessories. These accessories are small trinkets or items that would help in boosting your look. Such accessories can be hats, bonnets, scarves, and even watches. If you’re wearing watches such as those from Zenith, then you’re combining good looks and sophistication. Wearing these types of accessories offer that mystique and elegance that most people will surely notice when they see you in Paris.


Of course, if you want to look cool and sophisticated, you have to groom yourself accordingly. Wherever you are in the world, as long as you’re clean, you’ll look good. Taking a bath daily is a good habit to have. It’s also good if you brush at least three times a day to keep your teeth healthy and keep your breath fresh.

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Some guys are afraid of growing beards because it makes them look unkempt. However, growing a beard isn’t a sign of being unclean. There are tons of beard ideas you can search for that can complement your style and look. 

Choose Fit, Not Baggy

French men love the slim-fit style, and it’s almost impossible to catch Parisian men wearing something loose or over-sized. Such style makes a man look neat and proper. So if you plan to wear an oversized shirt, then you’d get the recognition of being a tourist. Besides, getting unwanted attention is uncomfortable. Also, men’s clothing in Paris is essential to impress both ladies and men. Paris isn’t on the top of the list in the fashion industry for no reason. 

So what you need to do is pick a sports jacket that will “fit” you anywhere you go. No “saggy” crotch, armpits, or cuffs. Also, your denim pants should be in good condition. Remember not to use a loose one.

The Layers

Parisians love to layer clothes for fashion. So how do Parisian men achieve that sophisticated look even with layers? The people in Paris love layers: shirt, sweater, then overcoats, and they even add scarves! Even so, they still look effortlessly sophisticated.


Keep in mind that when doing a Parisian-style layering, you need to be keen on matching this and that. Place a v-neck sweater over a button-down shirt, then put another layer consisting of a cardigan, after that finish it off with a leather jacket.

Which Shoes to Wear?

Unless it’s an old school Chuck Taylor’s, you will never see a Parisian Man wear sneakers. Some tourists say that they would get stares from Parisians when they wear sneakers. You wouldn’t want to get unwarranted attention when walking the streets of Paris.

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In choosing your shoes, pick any leather shoes in shades of black or brown. It can be lace-up singles or double monk straps, either way, that will do the job. The safest remedy for footwear issues is a Chukka boot. It is a type of boot that will give you both the classy and rugged look.

Proper Etiquette

Even though etiquette isn’t a fashion thing, it’s always good to have some sense of respect for the locals when you’re out traveling. When you’re in a foreign land, always pay attention to the rules and laws set by the government there. It pays to be attentive to avoid being fined or ticketed by law enforcement. Not only does breaking the law embarrass you, but it also makes you look unattractive. 


Being careful with what you wear while you are in a foreign country is important. By not doing so, you can get unwanted attention. As much as you’d want to prefer being part of the trend, always beware of overdressing. 

It also pays to have respect and the proper etiquette when in another country. If all else goes smoothly, the class, finesse, and sophisticated look you’re after will give you an incredible, self-assuring Parisian feeling. 

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