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How To Double Space In Word – Simple Steps in 2021 and Tips!

How to Double Space in Word and Other Tips

A lot of us use windows word on a daily basis, but still, not all of us know how to double space in Word. In this article, we will tell and share with you how you can double space in a word file easily. Moreover, we will also share some of the other basic tips that will help you to work on a word file more fluently.

As you already know, a word file is a very important part of our daily office work. Be it in any field or section of work, we all have to work on a word file. It is a simple and straightforward Microsoft software that helps us to write anything. It is easy to save and share, as well. Moreover, whoever the file is shared with can edit or redo the content or formatting of the document with ease.

All of this and more great factors have made Windows Word a people’s favorite for the past few years. It gets updated and improved every now and then, and it keeps getting better.

More details

Despite the regular work that we do on Windows Word, still, not a lot of us know how to use it in the aptest manner possible. Moreover, a lot of tips are still hidden from the majority of the people that use them. In this article, we will tell and share with you how to double space in word and other simple yet useful facts about the Windows Word software.

How does It help? 

The Double space in the word means to form a gap between the two lines in a horizontal manner. This will can help you immensely to make the document clearer and can add a certain sense of neatness to the whole file. Also, this helps a lot when you take out a physical copy of that document. The document will be much more clearer to read and even to add the remarks if any are required. So, if a document needs to go for correction and you need the remarks to be clear, it is advised that you take out the copy of that file only when you have some space between the lines. 

How Do You Do It? 

how to double space in word

2007 version 

When you have to apply double space in the Microsoft word file, then you have to first select the words or highlight the text that you want to double line. Then you have to check out the top bar and select the styles icon. Once you right-click there, you will find that it is in the regular setting. 

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In order to change that, you have to select the option of modification. As soon as you select modification, you will find the option of double space. Click on it and press OK to apply the double space in word.

Alternate Method

You can also do the double space in a selected text or words by going to the paragraph setting and selecting the amount of gap that the lines have. It is usually on 0.5, in order to increase it, you can choose 1. Furthermore, if you want even more spacing in between your lines, then you can choose 1.5 as well. But sure to check out the result before you actually go and print out that piece of text. 

That is why it is simply recommended that you first make the gap and check out how it looks and modify accordingly. Once you are fine with the spacing, then only you do it on the entire article. 

Also, make sure that you keep the heading and subheading separately to make them more prominent in the overall document. 

What About Word 2016? 

They have made it quite simple to make the space in between lines in word in the 2016 version. For this, you have to make sure that you select the text that you want to highlight and look at the top bar for help. 

At the top bar, you will see that there is an insert option. You have to go on the insert option and choose the paragraph option. There you will see an option of lining or space. You can choose the double lining option, which will make the spaces between the lines double. Here also, you have to make sure that your heading and subheading are left separate.  

Spacing and Paragraph

how to double space in word

Here we will talk about the spacing that is required only in the paragraph. For this, make sure that you open the file and select the paragraph on which you want the spacing to happen. Now, once you have selected the paragraph, again check out the top bar where you will find an option of the page layout. 

On the page layout, you will find that you get an option of the paragraph. Choose the paragraph setting, and then you can check the spacing. It is usually in a normal setting, so you can increase or even decrease the paragraph spacing. 

How to Decrease or Remove Double Spacing From Word 

This is a very simple and easy thing to do. All you need to do on the word to remove the lines is that just go back to the setting through which you have increased the space in your word file. Be it between the lines or between the paragraph. 

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You simply go back and choose the setting and return to the normal spacing. For example, if you had chosen the line or paragraph spacing to be on 1 or 1.5, all you have to do is bring it back to 0.5 or 0. Or you can even press Control + Z in order to undo any move that you need to go back to. Check out some more tips that you use to make the most of Microsoft below! 

Word Tips 

Add links

 A lot of us want to add links to a certain work, but we are not able to. This is because we don’t know how to add a link to the word. Well, all you need to do to add links is simply select the world that you need to add a link to and press control plus k. This will open a bar where you can insert any website link that you want to. You can do that in order to remove the link from that particular word. 


Want to know how to save a word file as a PDF? Here is how you can save a word file in PDF in simple and easy steps. Now, you need to do is go and look for the file option and under save. You will find a save as button. Go to the save as button and select the folder. Once you have selected the folder, choose the file name. After this, you will see a file format option just beneath it. Open the file format option and select PDF. This will save your file in PDF format. 

Removing Spell Check Markers

A lot of us find it very annoying to find those red lines run beneath the words. For this, all you have to do is go to the proofing part. Once you select the proofing option, find the hide spelling mistakes box, and tick it. 

Last Check

If you want to know where you were the last time you were editing the article, then simply press Shift plus F5. This will take you to the point where you were made the last edits in the file. 


If you want to find a word or a number in the word file, then it is very simple! You have to open the word file and simple press control plus F. This will open a small bar on the top-right corner of the screen. You can look up anything there. That will navigate you to all the points where it can find your word or number. You can use this trick on any webpage as well. It will help you to save a lot of time and energy! 


We hope that now all you word users you know and understand how to double space in word and other important tips in Word. Make sure to use most of these things and continue writing! 

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