Purchasing a South African Chicken
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Things You Must Know About Purchasing South African Chicken

There are many times we are trying to decide which pack of chicken to pick from the store. Most of us fall within this indecision daily. Seeing lots of packs of chicken and trying to decide which one to buy. 

 Below are some useful tips that will help you to pick the right and fresh South African chicken with ease. This topic is important. Read thoroughly before you go for your next grocery shopping. 

Check for fresh chicken

How do you know if a chicken is fresh? Press against the body of the chicken, if it springs back, then it is a fresh chicken park. However, if the chicken feels hard on your hand or sinks when you press, then the chicken is not fresh enough.

Another method to try is checking if the chicken is bloated. Most poultry farms and sellers often inject their poultry with water to bloat it. If you notice a chicken is bloated, do not purchase it. It is only a bait to increase the size of the chicken.

Also, check if the chicken is young. Young chicken often has softer meats than adult chicken. To know this, press against the breastbone of the chicken.

Additionally, ensure that the pack of the chicken must be well-wrapped and not broken. It must also not have a bad odor. Avoid purchasing a chicken with a broken, leaky, and smelly pack.

Check the fat

Here is another way to know if you are buying a fresh chicken. The fat of a fresh chicken is always white or deep yellow. If the color of the fat is pale or gray, do not purchase.

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Check the color of the chicken

The color of a fresh chicken is pink and nothing else. A chicken with gray or transparent skin is stale. You shouldn’t pick if the chicken is not pink in color. 

Also, assess the crevices of both wings and thighs and be on the lookout for tears in the skin or meat. Both of them can cause the chicken spoilt quickly.

Look for the expiration

Most uncooked chicken has a shelf life of two to three days. Cooked chicken only lasts for a day. Frozen chicken can last longer than both. However, you must check the expiry date before you purchase.

Search for local poultry farms

It is always better to choose from local poultry farms. This way you will be sure that the products are fresher, plus additionally buying locally you support the local job creation, and creating value to the society in the region. It is good also to buy from big poultry farms because usually they have opportunity to produce high-quality chickens. For example, Grain Field Chickens guarantees that their chickens are fed only with high-quality broiler feed and are raised in a stress-free environment to produce fresh and healthy South African chicken poultry products. 

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