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Build a Following for Your Small Business on Instagram

Starting your small business online is a fantastic idea. If you are one of them who’s willing to start a small business, then social media could be a great tool. However, that does not mean all of the social media platforms are helpful. Here are details on how to Build a Following for Your Small Business on Instagram.

Starting your small business on Instagram could be very beneficial. Well, if you are new on Instagram or don’t have the experience, then we are here to help. As Instagram is getting popular nowadays, we can assume that the growth of Instagram will get higher in the new future.

In this article, we will give the best tips for starting your small business on Instagram. Make sure you are reading them carefully. So, let’s start with that. 

Best Tips for Building Instagram Following

As we mentioned before, there are some useful tips that you have to follow if you want to make your small business successful on Instagram. Here are the best tips to build a following on Instagram:

  • Post at The Right Time

When you are starting Instagram marketing, you should want to reach as many people as possible. However, posting content every time is not a good idea. Each social media platform has an active time. 

For example, when you are posting something on a social media platform at midnight, the post may not get that much attention from users. However, if you are posting something around the evening, it will get more attention.

So, posting at the right time is very essential. Make sure you are posting on Instagram according to the global best time for posting on Instagram. However, it also depends on your audience.

  • Get Real Followers With Followers Gallery
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To build your following on Instagram for growing small business, you need to get more followers. However, it’s not easy to get a lot of followers easily. And it could be difficult to attract new visitors when you don’t have a decent amount of followers.

Don’t worry! Followers Gallery can help you with this issue. This app has an expert team that can help you to get free followers for your Instagram account. They provide Instagram followers mod apk and secure service. Plus, they can help you with getting free likes on Instagram posts.

  • Publish New Content Consistently 

Well, no matter for what purpose you are using Instagram, you need to post content regularly. Hence, it’s more essential for a small business. Cause if your potential customers are not getting good content regularly, they are not coming back again.

That’s why publishing high-quality content constantly is essential. Make sure you are posting content at least twice a week. If you have a new account, you need to post at least four times a week. Make sure you are also writing long captions and using hashtags. You can also use a tool to schedule posts.

  • Steal Your Competitor’s Followers

Well, this point sounds funny, but it could be a great way to grow your small business on Instagram. Stealing your competitor’s followers is good as long as you are doing it the right way. Your competitor already has a following that is interested in the similar product you are selling.

There are various ways you can attract your competitor’s followers. First, find who are your local competitors. Then, make sure you are analyzing what they are providing to their customers. Then, you can find active customers and connect to them. 

  • Run More Giveaways
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Giveaway is a fantastic strategy no matter where you are promoting your business. If you are selling from a website, giveaways can help you getting traffic on that website. However, running giveaways could be a little tricky. You need to know the proper process of it.

To run giveaways, you need to find the targeted audience that is genuinely interested in the products you are selling. You can even start Instagram advertisements for getting the targeted audience. That way you can attract more followers and gain customers.

  • Hashtags Are Fantastic

Instagram is nothing without hashtags. Just like Twitter, you need to use hashtags strategically on Instagram to grow your small business. First, find the relevant hashtags that are good for the products you are selling from your account.

Make sure you are using hashtags on every post you are publishing. However, don’t overcrowd your posts with too many hashtags. Also, don’t use irrelevant hashtags cause they can hurt your growth. And you could lose potential customers of your business.


Finally, you know how using these tips could be helpful for your small business. We hope you have read them carefully. If you are struggling with getting followers, you can visit Followers Gallery as they provide free Instagram followers. They will take care of your privacy and will give real targeted followers.

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