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Successful Forex Traders in South Africa

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (in South Africa) is one of the top 20 stock exchanges in the world; it comes with multiple trading opportunities and great conditions for a profitable business. Local traders mainly deal with shares of companies from the gold mining and mining industries. Brokers from this country are distinguished by the fact that they are widespread throughout Africa. It is no wonder that the South African trading environment has created so many successful traders. In this post, we have made a selection of the most successful traders from around the works, including South Africa.

Who’s Leading the Game?

Many well-known traders became wealthy not just because of their special talents; many of them do not even have a background in finance or economics. But this does not mean that the availability of education interferes with success; it rather helps to find the right decisions when making investments. Who are these people?

#1 — Arry Williams

Every person who strives for a specific goal needs an example to follow. Whether it’s sports or business, it’s only examples of really successful people that make us move forward and reach new heights. Forex trading is no exception. In business history, there were both role models and really sad stories that ruined the life of successful people. After a couple of failures, many of us begin to give up and desperately think that only the lucky ones make money on the exchange. All this is nonsense and excuses, and the story of Larry Williams is a confirmation of the above. It is possible to reach success in Forex trading even if you have lost everything.

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#2 — Edward Thorpe

Many mathematical strategies allow you to win at the casino or make money on the stock exchange. But a fairly small number of people can use them effectively. Edward Thorpe is one of those people who not only successfully used mathematical strategies for earning money but also was their direct author. Thorpe is a rather legendary personality, who managed to prove himself in various fields of activity, especially in those related to making money. The result of his work was capital approaching a billion dollars, while the bulk of the money was earned on stock trading.

#3 — George Soros Traders

The stock exchange and Forextime is a real place where dreams come true, and the story of billionaire George Soros proves that. George Soros is one of the most famous personalities, whose success story excites the minds of our time to this day. A well-known forex trader, financier, investor, politician, and just a philosopher at heart, George has reached impressive heights in the trading business. Despite all the achievements, Soros’s life was very difficult and interesting, and the history of his ups and downs became an excellent incentive for all famous traders.

#4 — Andy Krieger

Most people do not want to devote their lives to trading on the stock exchange; they just want to make a lot of money. Therefore, stories about someone making millions from one deal are always very popular. Almost everyone knows the story of George Soros, who earned a billion dollars per day, but almost no one knows the record of another investor. Andy Krieger earned a little less — 300 million dollars per day of trading. Thanks to these levels, he was recorded as a famous trader. Andy’s biography is not particularly original; he was born in 1956, graduated from high school, and a few years later, got a job at Solomon Brothers.

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#5 — Richard Dennis Traders

At the beginning of their journey, many famous traders are faced with the problem of a lack of capital. After studying the literature and participating in exchange training, everyone concludes that only the initial large capital will help to ensure a rich life in achieving positive trading results. From a mathematical point of view, this is true, but the story of Richard Dennis shows that dedication and skill in what they do, even with a small capital, can bring millions of dollars.

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