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Convert PowerPoint to Word File- Best Software That You Can Use!

How Can You Convert PowerPoint to Word File?

Trying to figure out how you can convert PowerPoint to a word file without going through much hassle? Well, here we will tell you how you can easily convert and get your PowerPoint files into word files. There are many methods and apps that can help you convert your PowerPoint files to word files. A lot of apps and methods have their pros and cons. That is why it is essential to know about PowerPoint and word file converter.

Why Convert PowerPoint to Word file? 

One might think that it is a waste of time to convert the PowerPoint files into Word files. However, that is not true at all. Word files are a lot easier to edit and transfer into any format as compared to PowerPoint.

What is the Difference? 

In this article about PowerPoint to word converters, we will share some of the best software you can utilize. Before we dig into the list, let us check out some more benefits of converting your files into word from PowerPoint.

First off, the PowerPoint is meant for majorly presentation purposes. When you convert the PP file into a Word file, you get a better shot at editing it. When the file is converted into a word file, you can change many different things and temples that you can’t in the PowerPoint version.

Both PowerPoint and word have their own Pros and Cons. If you want to present some project to someone or a group, then PowerPoint would be the format you can opt for. PowerPoint will help you to present the file with various slides and smooth transitions.

Whereas the Word file is more helpful in writing and editing the same. If you want to jot down and share some written work with basic graphs or charts, then the Word file is the best for you. Let us see how you can convert PowerPoint to a word file with the help of essential software.

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Soda PDF

Convert PowerPoint to Word

Soda PDF is one of the most popular software that helps you convert a PowerPoint file into a Word file. This application has various features and easy converting methods that can help you to complete the task immensely. Moreover, there is a free trial that you can use. The free trial gives you a lot of options so that you can convert your files, and you can even share and edit the files.

Other Features 

You can convert your file into a lot of various formats. You can inter-convert your files in PDF, Word, PowerPoint. Also, You can even edit the different formats of the file both on a desktop and on your mobiles. So, overall this a convenient feature of this converting application. This application can even deal with HTML format as well. If you are looking to convert any file into any format, you must try Soda PDF.



Phantom is another outstanding converter that you can download and use. PhantomPDF converter also has numerous uses and features that everyone should know about. In this application, one can easily convert their files into whatever format they want to, and moreover, they can edit any given file.

This is a beautiful feature that this converter offers as most of the converters won’t let you edit any version of the file. There are various functions of this converter that might come in handy if you regularly do office work. Moreover, you can add or make changes to the templates as well.

With PhantomPDF converter, you can quickly get the files you want in your preferred format in just a fraction of seconds.


convert PowerPoint to word

When it comes to converting files and getting them in your desired software, time plays a crucial role. This is why PDFElement is one of the best ways to convert PowerPoint to Word or any other format file. Be it PDF, Word, or any other format, PDFElement is one of the best ways to get the files converted in the best manner. Moreover, PDFElement will also help you to edit the files as you convert them into a new format.

However, one of the only drawbacks of the PDFElement converter is that the licensing is a bit expensive when compared to other converters. Even with the expensive licensing, we that it is entirely worth it if you need to use it on a daily basis. It also supports and converts the file in Mac and Windows OS, so you don’t need to worry about the system’s change.

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Nitro Pro


Nitro Pro is another great software that can help you convert your PowerPoint file into a Word file. There are various great features of Nitro Pro that make it stand apart from everyone else on the list. Nitro Pro is not so expensive too. Moreover, they have various plans, and you can opt for one according to your need and will.

However, the Nitro Pro will provide you with great converting speed and various formats to covert in. But, there is a slight drawback in Nitro Pro. The drawback of Nitro Pro is that it doesn’t work in the Mac OS. So, if you have windows or any other Operating system, then only Nitro Pro will come in handy to you. All in all, Nitro Pro is an excellent app with an expansive Free-trial and also some flexible payment plans.



Smallpdf comes in last but not the least on our list of PowerPoint to word converters. This is a short yet precise software that can help you a lot if you need to convert files now and then. Moreover, Smallpdf has a beautiful 14 days free trial that you can use and experience the magic.

When it comes to Smallpdf, you can use it both and offline. This feature of Smallpdf comes in a lot of use. Smallpdf has a lot of other functions too that you can put to use. The interface of Smallpdf is neat and clean, and the functions are performed without any hindrance. One of the drawbacks of Smallpdf is that you cannot use the full software for free. A lot of the features that you may need to use are paid.


We hope that you find our list of top 5 PowerPoint to Word converters useful. Make sure to try any converters that you might find helpful. This software can save a huge load of time and effort. So it is better to have on you at all times.

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