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Embed Youtube Video in Powerpoint- Add Vids in Simple Steps

How to Add Embed Youtube Video in Powerpoint?

In the current time, we use PowerPoint in almost every office presentation. Hence it is wise to improve the quality of it by adding an embed Youtube Video in Powerpoint and other additions. Powerpoint is a simple yet powerful software that can take any presentation to the next level. Here we will discuss the various easy ways through which you can make your PowerPoint presentation stand apart from all the others.

Adding Other Elements

Be it an embedded Youtube Video or an excellent selection of slide templates, PowerPoint presentations have the power to make or break any deal. That is, it is better to know how to make your PowerPoint in such a manner that it gives out the best impression that it can.

Adding a Youtube video in the Powerpoint is not a common practice, but it is an eye-catchy one. Moreover, it can significantly help you to convey your point in any presentation that you are providing.

Add Youtube Vids in Apple Laptops?

embed youtube video in powerpoint
Source- www.indezine.com
  • First and foremost go to Youtube as you need to have the link to the exact video that you want to put on the Ios Powerpoint.
  • Now, you have to find a trustworthy youtube downloader online and use it.
  • Save the file that has been converted and downloaded.
  • Choose the slide where you precisely want to fit in that video.
  • Now, simply go to the add or insert option on the toolbar and choose the vid option.
  • Now, you’ll have a window to explore your system and select any video.
  • Choose the vid that has been downloaded from the online converter site.
  • Directly, once you add the video, then you can change or edit the settings.


Add a YT Video in the Basic Editon of PowerPoint.

  • Now, the first step is similar to the Apple version; one has to find the exact vid and get the link.
  • Now, directly, open up the ppt where you want to add the vid.
  • Unlike the other version, here, you have to add the link directly by using the insert tab.
  • Here, once you provide the correct link, you will see the vid loading in your ppt.
  • Check out the vid settings and how it may appear on your ppt, and it’s done!
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How to add vid in 2k13 addition? 

Source- www.slideshare.net
  • Just like the other methods, you need to go to the exact video first.
  • Now, once you are at the video on the Youtube site, get its link.
  • Afterwards, head back to the PPT where and scroll to the right slide.
  • Once you are here, find the insert button in the upmost bar.
  • After this, choose the online video option and paste the link there.
  • Now, you will see your video loading in the Windows PowerPoint.

Is it the Same for the 2k10 version?

Source- www.apowersoft.com
  • For the 2k10 version, you have to start like all the other versions only.
  • Now, again go back to the PPT and select the apt slide for the video.
  • Furthermore, search the insert bar and choose the video link option.
  • Just paste the link and wait for it to load.
  • Once it is loaded, it is done; that is how you embed a youtube video in Powerpoint 2010.

Embed Youtube Video For 2k06 version? 

Source- www.animoto.com
  • Here, the way to add the vid is slightly different from the other versions.
  • Try to find the options bar where you can edit the slide or add things.
  • Locate the Developer Options, and now, open Youtube to get the link.
  • Once you have the link, choose the right spot to place your video and select additional options.
  • Select the Shockwave Option.
  • Now, add the Youtube video with the help of the given link.

More PowerPoint Tips and Tricks 

embed youtube video in powerpoint
Source- www.techwisgroup.com

Along with the embedded youtube videos, there are other small tips and tricks of PPT too! These will increase the quality of your Powerpoint presentation so check it out! These small yet practical tips can help you to drastically improve your PPT standards and quality.

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Keep it, Crisp! 

Along with the embed vids, the other wonderful thing that you can do to make your ppt presentation short and simple. Adding too many slides and writing long paras in every single slide will not make it better. You have to convey your point in short and crispt language.

The Styling 

Don’t make the slide big and too direct. However, you can get creative with the slide and make your ppt more attractive. Try to add beautiful colours and borders to make the PowerPoint more attractive. By adding colours and different fonts in the borders or at the end, you can enhance the outlook of your PPT easily. 

Graphs and Pies 

If you are trying to make an informative PPT, then make sure to add an ample amount of Graphs and Pies, which will make it so much better. They are a fantastic way to explain boring data through numbers or tables.

Keep it Fun!

Don’t just add all the research article and data in it. Moreover, try to add some fun facts or details in it too. Keep the boring content as minimum as possible. Even some good explanatory pictures will also help you. Also, keep the language a bit easy to understand in all the slide as well. If you try to use complex terms and words, then the point that you want to convey with your PPT might not get conveyed in the best manner possible. 

Let the Colours Speak

The combo of colours that you use in the PowerPoint presentation will also have a massive impact on the outcome of it. There are various options through which you can play with the colours in the world of PowerPoint. Moreover, you can swap and create more amazing colour combinations yourself!

Videos and Images

As we explained the various ways through which you can embed a Youtube video in a PowerPoint. You can add more elements to it as well. The images and the videos will keep the interest of everyone in the ppt.

Slide Formats

However, in order to make the slides creative and crisp, don’t mess up the suitable format of the PowerPoint. Make sure that you follow the correct format for the slide and make the introduction and the concluding presentation slides nicely. Mismanaging the slides in any PowerPoint presentation will make it highly confusing for people to understand.


We hope that now you know how to add an embedded youtube video to your PowerPoint and make it more appealing. These small tips and tricks will add considerable changes to your PPT, so make sure to keep these pointers in mind whenever you make your next ppt.

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